3 - 5 Jan 2020                  Limited to 5 women  

Kembali is offering this 3 day - 2 night wild retreat is designed to reconnect your physical and emotional body back to the Earth. Our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being are fundamentally connected to Nature, when we neglect that connection, life can often feel unbalanced, like we keep coming up against roadblocks, or we lose clarity on the direction our soul is silently yearning to move towards. 


When we remember how to tap into the Earth’s wisdom through Nature connection practices, bushcraft & ancestral skills, we begin to re-imagine new possibilities and re-design our inner and outer landscapes that restore not just our souls, but our relationship with the world around us. 

“To be whole, to be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human – what we are connected to, rather than what we are separated from”


Terry Tempest Williams

This 3 day gathering skillfully facilitates opportunities for the group to co-create their shared experience, by inviting autonomy, design, play, purpose, mastery and self-awareness in this re-wilding journey. The kinship that is cultivated is not only to the human community that is formed from this experience, but an invitation to re-kin yourself to the Earth that has been calling your name.

Are you?

  • Ready to deep dive into learning bushcraft skills and experience applying these skills to a real life and real time experience of living immersed in a natural environment?

  • Already cultivating bushcraft experiences and looking to deepen your skills to mastery and craft? 

  • Prepared to stretch your comfort zones and reframe your understanding of what is possible?

  • Ready to transform your limiting or personal beliefs about what you are, or are not capable of?

  • Looking to learn and understand new ways of giving back to the Earth? 

  • Tired of fitting in, and ready to discover what true belonging feels like?

Kembali is inclusive of all gender, sexual orientation, all ethnicities and physical able-ness. We welcome you to connect directly with us if you have any questions or concerns around your ability to join our little village.

This may not be suitable if you

  • Are not prepared or physically able to carry your own gear on a 2 hour walk 

  • Are not comfortable using the toilet outdoors 

  • Have debilitating Nature based phobias/traumas





10am - Meet and journey to home in Nature

11.30 - Arrive and prepare sacred site, camp duties 

12.30 - Lunch 

2.00 - Sacred rule of 3 session - Shelter Building

4.30 - Personal time, resting, whittling Earth stick 

5.30 - Campfire dinner prep 

7.00 - Dinner 

8.00 - Council around the Fire 

9.00 - Bed




6.40 - Rise, sit spot
7.30 - Breakfast 

8.30 - Personal time, resting, whittling Earth stick

10.00 - Water blessing 

10.30 - Sacred Rule of 3 session - Water filtering and boiling practice
12.30 - Lunch 

2.00 - Sacred Rule of 3 session - Primitive firecraft

4.30 - Personal time, resting, whittling Earth Stick, camp duties

5.30 - Campfire dinner prep 

7.00 - Dinner  

8.00 - Songs around the fire




6.40 - Rise, sit spot
7.30 - Breakfast 

8.30 - Personal time, resting, whittling Earth stick
10.00 - Co-creation of sacred meal

12.30 - Lunch

1.30 - Earth Stick ceremony

2.00 - Closing, reflections
3.00 - Journey back


Early Bird Rate HKD$3250

Before 16th Dec

 Full Rate HKD$3850

Inclusive of

  • All materials used during the week, carving knives, fire-making tools, tea ceremony sets, plant fibres for rope making

  • All meals prepared on-site

  • One on one follow up session for integration after the retreat

  • Insurance coverage

Not Included

  • Sleeping & camping gear for overnight

  • Tent rental (available from the site)


Jasmine Nunns

Jasmine Nunns is the founder of Kembali, and shares a strong passion for guiding nature based experiences that supports our reconnection to the Human and Earth community. 


Jasmine has had over 12 years experience running experiential programmes with schools, NGO’s and corporate groups.  She understands the importance of creating space for each individual’s needs to be met, and fully understands the challenge and conflict in expressing our authentic selves.


Over the years, she has explored and trained in diverse practices to support awareness, healing and empowered alignment. They all guided her back to the wisdom and support of Nature. She now designs and facilitates therapeutic experiences in natural spaces with her work through Kembali.


Jasmine is trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader

  • Eco-Therapy Practice

  • Permaculture Design

  • Vision Quest Protector

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Bushcraft & Survival skills

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more -