10 - 13 yrs                   DEC 2020                   Limited to 10 girls  

This immersive experience is designed for girls who have already participated in kembali's Gaia Girls or Daughters of the Earth programmes.

We offer an experience in which they may practice and deepen their Earth Skills in a way where they can practically apply what they have learned and enter a relationship with the Natural World that they will be able to carry with them for their whole lives.

W H Y?

The girls will be co-creating their own culture, allowing their own intrinsic curiosity, interests and passions determine the experience they wish to have. Allowing the diversity of the group and skill sets each individual has to shine and be celebrating for what they each bring.

The bonds they create on this experience will extend from more than just the human connections they make, but to the mountains, rivers, forests and oceans, creating a lasting sense of belonging no matter where they find themselves on this planet.




Day 1

9 - 2pm Braemar Hill (North Point)

A day dedicated to re-awakening skills such as carving, knots, fire making, working on hand whittling tools we will need and use for the overnight, as well as tending to our connection with Nature. The girls will explore hidden wild spaces and begin an important initiation that will complete at the end of the overnight camp!



Day 2

9 - 2pm Tai Tam

Continuing on from the skills re-fresher and depending day, we will dive into the camping experience by practising how to set up tents, build shelters, and address important roles and culture within the group as we create our own little village. As always, will be filled with adventure and some fun rock scrambling!



Day 3

Camping - Lantau

Drop off: 8.40am Central pier

Walk to secret beach campsite and set up camp! Plenty of DIRT time for skills practising in however the girls feel called to spend their creative time. 
Evening: Campfire cooking, Fireside song circles and storytelling to inspire and reflect



Day 4

Camping - Lantau

Pick up: 1.20pm Central pier

Fireside breakfast. Story & free time
Solo time in Nature, and completion of initiation. Community celebration before packing up and saying goodbyes to the land.


This programme will likely nourish and nurture your daughter if:

- She thrives on spending time outdoors

- Enjoys camping and wishes to add more depth to that experience

- Is exploring her independence
- Feels ready to be challenged and expand her comfort zones
- Willing to experiment and try new things

This programme may not be for your daughter if:

- She has never camped in a tent or has strong fears around the idea of it
- Experiences anxiety around separation from home




HKD$3880 per girl

Inclusive of

  • All materials used during the week, carving knives, fire-making tools, tea ceremony, plant fibres for rope making & basket weaving

  • Personalised 30min Parent/guardian call with guidance on how to support and prepare your daughter for this experience

  • Dinner (day 1) and Brekfast & lunch (day 2) during the overnight camp. They will be requested to bring a packed lunch on Day 1.

  • Insurance coverage

Not Included

  • Sleeping & camping gear for overnight (sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent)


My daughter has not participated in previous programmes, will she still be able to join?

Yes - This programme is designed for those who have come through Kembali programmes before and will remember the specific ways in which we share skills practice safely and respectfully. Though if your daughter has experienced scouts training or outdoor camps, she will come with a natural skillset already that could fit in well.

Feel free to connect with us further to discuss -

My daughter is not within the age limit but would love to come, could she?
Absolutely - connect with us through

The age range is to form a guideline around the physical capacity girls around that age may have, as well as the shared experiences the group may be going through. We recognize that everyone will share very different experiences in the bodies that we live in, despite our age. If your daughter is on the younger side of the scale, and she has plenty of outdoor/adventure experiences that she loves, this group may suit her perfectly! Similarly, if she is a little older.

Does my daughter need to bring her own tent and camping equipment?
Yes - a comprehensive packing list will be sent after registration, which will include all overnight camping gear.
There will be an option for the girls to sleep under the stars (no tent) if they so choose. If they wish to bring their own tent for comfort that will be welcome.


Where will they actually be camping?
A short 30min gentle walk from Mui Wo, Lantau is a hidden little beach affectionately named "Chicken beach". The walk there will not be too strenuous, and once we have arrived, will have space along the beach to explore, as well as the forest behind us.

What will they eat?
We will provide all meals throughout the camping experience except for lunch on Day 1 where the girls will be asked to bring a packed lunch. Meals will be customized to the necessary dietary requirements the girls in the group may have. All meals will be cooked over the campfire with various wild cooking practices which will transform their perspective on what can be made to eat when you're camping!
They are welcome to bring their own snacks if they choose, however, we would recommend as little waste wrappers as possible.

What happens if there is an emergency?
The most important thing to remember is we create a culture within our group in which we focus on preventing potential incidents from happening.
However, we recognize the importance to know the accident & emergency procedures: Your guides are all first aid qualified, with Jasmine (head guide) is wilderness first aid certified. The group will have access to a comprehensive first aid kit in the event of an incident. The group will also carry a GPS device that will be able to relate our exact location in the very unlikely situation we will need to evacuate. Parents will be contacted immediately if anything were to happen.

Our camping location will be shared with the guardians and will be within access to nearby (within 20mins walk) to the nearest Clinic, and North Lantau 24hr Hospital being the closest by road access.

How will they sleep?
The girls will have the option of sleeping open sky, under the stars (alongside us with supervision). If they choose to bring a tent, they may also choose to share their tent with other girls.

What about toilets?
There will be public toilets along our walk to our camping spot. However, once we are on the beach, it will be a matter of using the toile-TREES and bush-wee's!
We will make all the girls aware of how to safely and comfortably go when they need to, choosing the best location and practising 'Leave No Trace' ethics in the process.
It would be recommended that you talk about this with your daughters so they are aware, in case they haven't had experience of this before. 

How many guides will be with them?
There will be two guides with them throughout the camp, both with extensive knowledge of camping and spending time outdoors. Both guides will be female.

Does my child have to wear a face mask during the programme?
The girls and the guides will be required to follow the Covid19 regulations at the time of the programme. Current regulations state that during physical activity and exercise, a mask is not required, as well as in the country-parks. However, a mask is required to be worn at the agreed meeting spots. If you and your daughter decide they wish to wear a mask for the duration of the programme, that would also be welcome. We encourage all to do what they need to feel comfortable and safe.

*Aside from preventative measures and keeping good hygiene, the girl's guide will carry a comprehensive first aid kit at all times. Our aim is to prevent any major injuries and incidents from taking place, but rest assured we have our wilderness first aid training up to date, and have an ability to communicate our location via GPS as well as a map and compass should the unlikely event of an emergency occur.

Further Information


We are blessed to have fairly consistent and dry weather during the month of Dec. Our programme will continue even in the rain, and will adjust the experiences accordingly to ensure the girls feel safeand comfortable.  If weather forecasts unsafe weather to continue, we will postpone the programme date. You will be informed by 6.30am that morning if the programme needs to be cancelled.

A programme will be cancelled if:
- T3 or above is hoisted

- Red Rain or above is hoisted

In the event of a Thunderstorm, amber rain, or T1 signal, our programme activities will be adjusted as well as our location to ensure we have safe and accessible passage out to main roads, and that we have access to sheltered spaces to work on skills-based learning.

If a Red Rain or a T3 signal is hoisted during the programme, the group will travel to the nearest safe space or exit site, and parents will be contacted about arranging an earlier pick-up.

Benefits of continuing in the rain and 'imperfect' conditions
- Teaches the girls to adapt to different environments and situations
- Offers an opportunity to problem solve, improvise and think on our feet
- Allows them to listen to their bodies response to the environment, and learn how to dress accordingly
- Invites a new relationship with the rain, learning to see the beauty in that element, rather than a hindrance

- Can offer ideal bonding time, sharing experiences that stretch our comfort zones


We will continue to practice safe hygiene during these programmes, with awareness around giving each other the necessary space while in groups while honouring our first priority is always the safety of the girls.

When signing up for this programme, guardians agree to the following terms below:

- Temperature checks for their child the morning before the programme begins. Temperatures above 37.5 may require the child to abstain from joining the programme.


- Each child to carry their own personal hygiene belongings of their choosing (Hand sanitizers, face masks etc).

- Disclose if they or their children have been abroad in the last 21 days.


What we will do:


- Remind girls to use their own personal hygeine products such as hand sanitiser as frequently as needed
- We will wear face masks while in public spaces shared with other people. Masks can be removed if the girls choose once we're in Country Park spaces and exerting our bodies.

- We will reduce physical contact where possible, and encourage the group to practice asking for, and setting physical boundaries

- We will continue to serve tea ceremony with wild tea, however, we will not be sharing the tea to drink ourselves, but to serve the tea as a practice of gratitude to the natural environment, offering the tea to the soil.
- Great consideration will be made when preparing meals to adhere to food hygeine and communal meals.


Jasmine Nunns

Jasmine Nunns is the founder of Kembali, and shares a strong passion for guiding nature based experiences that supports our reconnection to the Human and Earth community. 


Jasmine has had over 13 years experience running experiential programmes with schools, NGO’s and corporate groups.  She understands the importance of creating space for each individual’s needs to be met, and fully understands the challenge and conflict in expressing our authentic selves. 


Jasmine grew up in the HK countryside, spending hours outdoors learning in the form of play. It is through Nature she has learned to hold space for others, in the way that Nature does for us, with presence, non-judgement and full acceptance.


Over the years, Jasmine has explored and trained in diverse practices to support awareness, healing and empowered alignment. They all guided her back to the wisdom and support of Nature. She now designs and facilitates therapeutic experiences in natural spaces with her work through Kembali. 


Jasmine embodies all the practices she shares with others, and feels that integrity, compassion and curiosity are her strongest values. She had taken herself to multiple training courses that enable her to share the wilderness and communication skills she has learned with others, as well as embody them herself. 


Jasmine is trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

  • Rites of Passage Facilitator

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader

  • Eco-Therapy Practice

  • Permaculture Design

  • Vision Quest Protector

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Bushcraft & Survival skills

Shu Pu

Shu Pu is the founder of AVRA, an ocean lifestyle and adventure brand based in Hong Kong. Shu has an enormous passion for the outdoors, in particular the ocean.

Shu holds the world record of solo circumnavigation of Lantau Island (80km) on an outrigger canoe.  She’s also the first woman to ever paddle across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong to Macau. 

When her hair is dry, she is also a feisty Sabre fencer. Coming from a creative background in fashion, her unique visions have been translated in creating and co-founding a number of ocean events, sports initiatives and not-for-profits for Hong Kong, including:


  • The Clean Cross – the 2015 world record-breaking Hong Kong to Macau Swim Crossing that raised over HK$250,000 for Ocean Recovery Alliance’s Grate Art project;

  • The Cold Half – an annual 15km extreme winter marathon swim race on Hong Kong Island since 2013;

  • Splash Foundation – A not-for-profit swim school for under-served communities in Hong Kong.

  • HK360Swim – A 45km swim circumnavigation of Hong Kong Island for charity. 


To quote a friend, “Shu is a big dreamer like many, but among the very few big do-ers.”

In her spare time, She has helped to guide numerous tree-planting, nature preservation, and eco-education based programmes for school groups and corporate initiatives through various environmental charities and organisations in Hong Kong. 

Shu brings expansive knowledge, experience and inspiration to the people she meets, being a role model who follows her heart & creativity then brings the dream to life, all the while giving back to the community.

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