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I grew up in the Hong Kong countryside and was born to parents who willfully allowed us to wander and play in the wilds of our village and the sea.

I was blessed enough to have the experience of playing unsupervised (at least by human eyes) in the natural world, and that wild relationship I unconsciously cultivated at that age is what led me to work for animal welfare NGO's, environmental conservation groups, Permaculture farms with a focus on native reforestation on degraded hillsides of Hong Kong.
While all of this work felt fulfilling and met my desire to be a part of a solution to the environmental and cultural crisis it seems we're faced with, I never felt a full sense of belonging to this way of activism. Having had the opportunity to meet and work for such phenomenal warrioresses of the planet and animals, I couldn't understand why I felt like I couldn't keep up, I was burning out. And yet, I felt the urgency for collective change more than ever.

I began to gently inquire into why I cared so much, why it hurt when I learned Riverways were polluted and that the frogs no longer lay their spawn there, or why I never questioned holding a little burial or ceremony when I came across a dead animal.  It was all because I had the opportunity and space to experience the natural world around me as Kin. This was of care, presence, and tending was all born from a place and a story of love.

Eventually, I set up Kembali as a pathway in offering experiences that facilitate a remembering of what it feels like to fall back in love with our ancient, raw, primordial mother, the Earth.
This is my form of sacred activism.


I get it - I get what its like to live in a city where it feels like you never get a break. I know how it feels to have conflicting values, in a land that is so heavily influenced by the cultures of the East & the West, or the old and the new.  I understand how hard it is to balance what feels right, and true, while figuring out how to pay the bills. I know that feeling of shame (and delight) when you've eaten so well during the day, then thought 'nah...' and grabbed that bag of doritos.

I also know what true belonging feels like, the kind of embodied acceptance that all that I am right now in this moment is enough. That we are worthy of the love this Earth reflects back to us. There was a time when looking in the mirror felt confronting, I now love and thank my body, for moving me steadily and safely through the Earth. I have moments where I feel so pulled towards a purpose I cannot help but run blindly to it, in full trust that whatever happens along the way, I am safe, even if I crash and burn!

My belief is that the Earth dreamed each of us into being. We were born from this world to deliver and share our magic, as medicine for our time. We need you, the Earth needs you to share that gift. 

I'm also a strong believer of integrating what is precious, what is sacred into the mundane.
To recognize the ordinary moments as opportunities to be enchanted by what is unfolding right before our eyes. That sometimes, yes, its a chore to chop those vegetables that our families may or may not eat, among the huge list of things we have yet to complete. And then sometimes... we get to immerse in delight at the way cold water runs down our hands as we wash the celery stalk. To remember in the tiniest of ways, the ordinary magic of being alive and present to the moment.


This is what I wish to invite. Whether it's through guiding you on a Forest Bathing walk, holding a ceremony & singing songs around Fire, co-creating a Rite of passage experience with you, guiding you on which plants we can weave baskets with, or simply to offer a remembering of the sacred among the mundane... My purpose is to celebrate the Earth and the present and to bear witness to the beauty the land beholds in you, so you may also remember your innate wild sense of beauty & belonging... and to throw in some profanity, just to spice it up too!

I do this because this is what the Earth did for me, and so you may also find your way back to this delightful, old and reciprocal relationship.


I am a humble student of the Earth, and thankfully have had many incredible teachers who have helped me along the way.

I am trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling (Monash University, Melbourne)

  • Vision Quest Protector (Nature Philosophy, Australia)

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach (Leadership that Works, India)

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide (Association of Nature & Forest Therapy)

  • Rites of Passage Facilitator (Rites of Passage Training)

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader (Archimedes, UK)

  • Eco-Therapy Practice (Schumacher College, UK)

  • Permaculture Designer

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Forever student of Bushcraft & Survival skills

  • Outward Bound Peace Building Facilitator

  • Non-Violent Communication Practitioner (NVC International)

    I also love sharing songs around a Fire, I can make perfect campfire rice everytime (Thank you, ancestors), my superpower is that it's impossible for me to make a judgment about somebody based on what you tell me alone, and I have a fantastic cackle-y laugh.

    I consider it a joy, and a privilege to guide you.

    Read more about my foraging & basket-weaving journey

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