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I grew up in the Hong Kong countryside and was born to parents who willfully allowed us to wander and play in the wilds of our village and the sea.

I was blessed enough to have the experience of playing unsupervised (at least by human eyes) in the natural world, and that wild relationship I unconsciously cultivated at that age is what led me to work for animal welfare NGO's, environmental conservation groups, and eventually in setting up Kembali as a pathway in offering experiences that facilitate a remembering of what it feels like to fall back in love with our ancient, raw, primordial mother, the Earth.


I get it - I get what its like to live in a city where it feels like you never get a break. I know how it feels to have conflicting values, in a land that is so heavily influenced by the cultures of the East & the West. I understand how hard it is to balance what feels right, and true, while figuring out how to pay the bills. I know that feeling of loathing when you've eaten so well during the day, then thought 'nah...' and grabbed that bag of doritos (and felt terrible after).

I also know what true belonging feels like, the kind of acceptance that feels unbelievable, too good to be true. I have glimpses into moments where I adore myself, wholeheartedly. There are times I love and thank my body, for moving me steadily and safely through the Earth. I have moments where I feel so pulled towards a purpose I cannot help but run blindly to it. In full trust that whatever happens along the way, I am safe, even if I crash and burn!

My belief is that the Earth dreamed each of us into being. We were born from this world to deliver and share our magic, as medicine for our time. You are here for a gift that you hold, and we need you to share that gift. 

This is what I wish to share. A remembering of your gifts, a sense of belonging, of true acceptance, a way to navigate through challenges, to love the Earth unconditionally, as she loves us.

I do this because this is what the Earth did for me, and so you may also find your way back to this enchanting and reciprocal relationship.


I am a humble student of the Earth, and thankfully have had many incredible teachers who have helped me along the way.

I am trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

  • Rites of Passage Facilitator

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader

  • Eco-Therapy Practice

  • Permaculture Designer

  • Vision Quest Protector

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Forever student of Bushcraft & Survival skills

  • Outward Bound Peace Building Facilitator

  • Non-Violent Communication Practitioner

    I consider it a joy, and a privilege to guide you.

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