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Life Coaching offers a complete framework to successfully support and guide individuals to discover themselves, their gifts, and how to implement it through Awareness, Alignment & Action both professionally and personally.  


Kembali’s coaching practise is rooted in Permaculture, a system of ecological design that looks to nature as inspiration. By observing how Nature designs itself to be efficient, interdependent, and balanced, we take those lessons and implement it to our inner landscapes.

You will:

  • Observe and create awareness around the patterns in your life.

  • Learn the art of designing beneficial, regenerative relationships.

  • Connect with your values, and design your personal and professional landscape from that place of connection.

  • Embrace and nourish your gifts

  • Cultivate the grounds and community from which the growth will be supported

  • Acknowledge and be witnessed to your regenerated inner landscape.


Come home to who

you are and find a deep understanding of the course of your needs and be guided by that wisdom

6 weeks

Nature's Compass

Dive into cultivating the

wilderness within and live a wild life with balance, authenticity and belonging. 

8 weeks


Cultivating the landscape of our soul, realign what is important to you and continue to live a life of authenticity.

12 weeks

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more, or book a no-obligation exploratory meeting -


What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching: I facilitate a discovery of your own true inner wisdom
Mentoring: I offer my wisdom, experience and skills to support you on our journey


Coaching – as your coach, I will facilitate an exploration of your needs, motivation, desire and goals. Through the diversity of trainings I have done, I will take these skills and guide my client through their own thoughts and emotional processes in order to reveal the wisdom and answer that already lies within them. I am not the expert in my client’s life, I do not offer answers, or solutions for my clients, instead guide them to see the answers already lay within them.

Mentoring – in mentoring, I use the same skills as I would in coaching, yet now I offer my personal experiences, skills and knowledge as support for my mentee to get them to where they would like to go.


Jasmine offers mentoring for young women who

  • Wish to cultivate their own personal gifts

  • Wish to understand and come into acceptance of their full identity

  • Are in search for holistic skills that will help guide them into the future

  • Feel ‘different’ and are unsure how to express their authentic selves

  • Feel a little Wild inside

  • Are looking for ways to know how to make the ‘right’ decision

  • Feel uncertain and anxious about the future

Jasmine listened deeply; offered observations and asked powerful questions that enabled me to go deep quickly. She brings an intuitive presence to her coaching that enabled me to go much deeper into my personal exploration which has started me on the path of writing my story for possible publication. I highly recommend her. 

- Carmen, Coach

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