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“You didn’t come into this world, you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean, you are not a stranger here” – Alan Watts 

Forest Therapy Guided Walks take participants slowly and intentionally through Nature, bathing our senses within the present moment among the natural environment that holds us.  

Your Guide gives a series of invitations that bring connection to your senses, yourself, and to others. Through these invitations, you gain a deeper appreciation of the many living and non-living things through moving slowly, and mindfully through the trails.


The premise is simple yet profound: by spending time enjoying nature, we reconnect to our relationship with the natural world, developing a sense of belonging, while tending to our self care. For this reason, Forest Therapy Walks offer something different to a hiking tour and you may even begin to view the natural environment in a whole new way.


What to Expect

Your guide will lead you through a series of invitations and activities designed to slow you down, open your senses and connect to your intuition so you experience the forest in a way never before. 


Sensory bath: We explore an expanded range of our senses. Traditionally we are familiar with the common 5 senses. Forest Therapy walks will support you in touching on 11 senses, and perhaps more!


Leisure: These walks are as much about receiving the benefits offered by the natural environment, as it is about your leisure. We will not be racing to the tops of hills, or raising your heartrate to a point where you felt like you had a good workout. Instead, we allow our minds and bodies to restore, rejuvenate and invite in moments of pleasure.


Holistic Connection: A pleasant outcome of the walk, is that you may learn the names of certain plants and animals, but the purpose of Forest Therapy is not to build on naturalist knowledge. We can ‘know’ plants in a scientific way, but sometimes once we label something, it leaves little room for curiosity and connection. These walks support a holistic connection to nature, where you may discover something that cannot be found in any naturalist book.


Personal & Collective: Much of the walk will enable a deep connection with yourself and the natural environment. In addition, an integral and essential part of Forest Therapy includes creating a space that allows people to share what they may be experiencing so the collective learning and experience of the individual & the group is witnessed.  

Entirely unique: Expect the unexpected! Each participants journey and experiences are entirely their own. Each time we head out for these walks, there is no knowing or anticipating what it will be like. Allow yourself to let go of expectations, and see what happens.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to arrange a 3-hr Forest Bathing guided walk for a group.


What are the benefits of Forest Bathing?

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