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Is this therapy?

This is not a session in traditional psychotherapy. Nature & Forest Therapy walks are therapeutic in its essence that they invite the healing power of nature to benefit us socially, emotionally and physically.

Your guide is trained in Professional Life Coaching, and has experience facilitating self-awareness, growth and clarity, and the framework of the Forest Therapy session offers co-counselling, support and healing potential, but you will be working with a guide & coach, not a therapist.

Is this therapy

How is this different from a hike?

From the therapeutic point of view, here are some examples of what the walks, and the guide will support:


Sensory Awareness: Facilitated, and guided sensory activities.

Slowing Down: These walks are not to be done in a hurry. On the contrary, it is a real and effective slowing down practice that allows our brains and bodies a break.


Community: Our walks are as much about connecting to nature, as it is with connecting with ourselves and others. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, or deepen connections with those you already know.  


Reciprocity: We share your care and concern for the natural environment. While we receive rejuvenation and restoration from the nature, we also support participants in discovering how they wish to give back.


Continuity: To support significant connection, we invite participants to view these walks as a continuous practice, discovering something new each time.

Hike vs walk

What should I bring to the walk?

Water bottle, 1.5litres
Hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent
Comfortable clothing, suitable for outdoors and sitting on the floor
Closed toed walking shoes

A mat, or camping chair if sitting on the ground is uncomfortable

You are welcome to bring your camera, but do encourage people to leave digital devices behind during the 3 hour walk

What should I bring

How long will a walk take?
The standard Forest Therapy walk itself will be 3 hours. However, depending on the location of the walk, you should factor in travel time, to and from the start of the walk. Details will be posted for each individual walk location, or contact us for questions. 

How long

Will there be food provided?
Snacks will be provided by the organiser. However, we recommend you bring a packed lunch or snacks to keep you happy, especially if you plan on staying at the venue to enjoy the site.


Please contact us if you have any dietary requirements.


I'm not very fit, does this matter?
The Forest Therapy Walk is designed to slow us down, tune into our senses, and the environment. The pace of the Forest Therapy walk will therefore be very slow, and suitable for all levels of fitness. However, depending on the walk location, it may be required that participants start with a short hike to get to the start.

Please contact us for details on the particular walk you’re interested in.

Fitness level

Are my children allowed to come?
Kembali does offer specific children and family based Nature Forest therapy walks. Certain walks will be suitable for adults (aged 14yr and over) based on the location and content of the walk.


What are the Terms & Conditions?

  1. Kembali undertakes to guide the Client along the route of the Walk from the starting point of the Walk or Hike to the end point of the Walk as specified in the Contract. The Guide provided by Kembali will use its best efforts based on its previous experience of the route to ensure the safety of the Client during the Walk or Workshop.

  2. Kembali accepts no liability and assumes no responsibility for any injury or death of any participants or for any damage to or loss of their personal property during the course of the Walk or programme.

  3. Kembali reserves the right to cancel the Walk or Programme or terminate the Walk or Programme before its specified end point in case of:

  • Evidence of a bush fire occurring and likely to affect the route

  • Red Rainstorm warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

  • Thunderstorm warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

  • Typhoon signal issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

  • Flood warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory


The Guide would be solely responsible for deciding the most appropriate action to take in any of these cases.

  1. Kembali will not be responsible for any Client who leaves the organised Walk to take an alternative route to the end point or who takes a short cut to finish the Walk early or at a location different from that specified in the Contract.

  2. Kembali undertakes to facilitate the transfer of the Client from the appointed meeting place to the starting point of the Walk by guiding the Client on various forms of public transport between the two locations or by use of private transport. The Company will not be liable for any injury caused to a Client whilst boarding, travelling in or alighting from any Public Transport or private vehicle.

  3. Kembali has issued the Client with a list of recommendation with respect to its participation in the Walk.  It is the Client’s responsibility to follow those recommendations for its own comfort and safety and for the safety of others on the Walk. Kembali reserves the right not to accept any Client if it considers the Client inadequately prepared for the particular Walk.


What is the Cancellation policy?

  1. Kembali will offer a full refund if cancellations are made before 1 week of the scheduled walk or programme. 

  2. If Cancelation, rescheduling or refund is required with less than 1-week notice of the walk date, Kembali will not offer make up programmes, or refunds based on the client’s personal reasons.

  3. In event of cancellation due to T3, T8, T10, Black or Red Rain, a full refund, or voucher to attend the next available walk will be offered to the Client. The Voucher should be redeemed within 6 months.7am the morning of the event via email.

  4. Clients will be notified if there is cancellation of the walk at

  5. In event of a thunderstorm warning or heavy rain, Kembali will reserve the right to determine if a walk will be cancelled, or go ahead with adjusted activities in covered areas that Kembali deem are safe from hazards.  If the client chooses not to join in the program, even if the program is scheduled to run, the client shall not receive a voucher or a refund for the unattended programme.

  6. If a walk or programme is cancelled due to Thunderstorm or heavy rain, Kembali will offer the client a voucher to attend any subsequent walk or programme date that should be arranged within 6 months of the scheduled date.

Cancellation Policy

Have other questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours -

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