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"Camping can be the greatest expression of free will, personal independence, innate ability and resourcefulness possible today in our industrialised, urbanised existence."

- Anne LaBastille


In many places, and for many centuries, the wilderness was seen to be a place not appropriate or safe for women. The outdoor and adventure industry has long been dominated by the face of the masculine.

With the help of incredible women leading the charge to demonstrate that not only are we capable, but thrive in wilderness spaces, we begin to reclaim our birthrite of connection to Mother Earth.


 Once every two months, our Wild Women community are invited out for an evening to sleep under the stars, sit around a fire, prepare delicious meals, share stories and watch the sunrise over the horizon. This precious time of connection with the Earth is mirrored in connection with the community.


We invite daughters and sons to join us on these camping trips as children are in so many ways, teachers of connection and innocence. How beautiful too that they get to witness their mothers standing in their power, in their element and learning that there is a safe space where the wild soul is invited out.

How would this be different to a camping trip you could do on your own?


  • We support the group in re-creating a village-like experience where each member of the village has a role, a purpose and is valued

  • You get to hang out with other awesome Wild Women!

  • We offer an invitation to join a morning ritual, something the children can participate in too

  • We offer a sense of support, and safety if you’re new to camping and not quite sure what to expect

  • We offer the catalyst! We know how hard it can be to rally people together, plan, organise and convince people to go on a camping trip, that’s all taken care of for you!

  • These regular trips offer an incentive to build a connection with Nature in a way you may not have thought to do on your own.


The journey you’re on is shared by others. You’re not alone here, that’s what we hope these trips will offer, a great sense of belonging and safety in showing the fullness of your True Nature.

What will be prepared for you?

  • Site selection that offers a safe yet wild experience, taking into consideration the time of year and seasons

  • Meal plan for wild cooking and a comprehensive shopping list based on the number of people (we understand people will have specific dietary needs so we will factor this in too)

  • A comprehensive packing and what to bring list in terms of camping and personal gear

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Meet at agreed location to do food shopping (costs shared evenly between the group)

Travel and walk to camping site with all gear


Lunch, Nature connection games & activities
Setting up camp and village


Wild dinner preparation
Campfire circle, Skill Shares

Night Fall

Song Circles, Fire time, stories



Invitation to morning ritual

Breakfast preparation

and tidy up

Hangout and free time


Packing, cleanup and begin walking out

Back to public transportation by 1pm



Contribution to Kembali per person HK$400


What does the cost cover?

The cost is a minimal contribution to Jasmine’s time, expertise and guidance on this camping trip. This would include the pre-planning, as well as skills and experiences she will share on the camping trip as well as tools to be shared.

Jasmine is a Wilderness First Aid Responder, and will be carrying a comprehensive first aid kit with her on the trips.


What does this not cover?

  • Food: the cost of food and shopping will be shared equally as a group

  • All your camping gear: Each person will be responsible for bringing their own camping equipment. There will be opportunities for some gear to be rented on-site, this will depend on the location and season of the camping trip

  • Transportation costs: Each person will be responsible for the costs of their personal transportation to the meeting point. Once we gather, all shared transportation costs will be split evenly between the group.

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more -

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