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No, it is not a typo, Kembali Kin's Bondfire is a space to build connection, bonding through the age-old traditions of sharing stories, songs and Earthly rituals around the glow and warmth of a Fire.

For generations and lifetimes, Fire has held a central and sacred space. It was the place of safety, warmth, gathering, ceremony, celebration, cooking, story-telling, and conflict resolution.

We welcome you back into this space, where we support each other in remembering to remember.

Our connection with the Earth & her seasons
Our innate Wild Wisdom within
How to show up for and with Community
Our relationship with the Sacred
The profound beauty of simplicity
Being back in our Wild bodies


Come join our little Fire Tribe, once a month where by the light of the fire, all parts of you are welcome.


Each gathering will be different, but we will always begin in silence until the Fire has been sparked. We're an inclusive group, so children, partners, friends, and family are all welcome.

How to join?
It's quite simple really, EMAIL US to join the Private Whatsapp Group
Listen out for upcoming gatherings and details.

There are no sign ups, no cost associated with joining, this is purely to bring the medicine of gathering in community together, just as we are.
We only ask that you contribute to bringing and sharing food/snacks at these gatherings.

What are we Remembering?

Connect with us to find out more -

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