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RITES OF PASSAGE can mark a transition or a threshold that we meet throughout our life journey. Not a single one of us will escape this life without crossing through multiple changes. We do, however, have choice, and agency in how we meet & honour those transitions so that we ca fully embrace and step into the next phase.


Holding a CEREMONY is a conscious & purposeful way to bring about meaning through a series of rituals & actions that remind us something is important & sacred.
Ceremony calls us to open a doorway, step through it, sit in it and complete it. It is where we REMEMBER to remember.

This all might sound grand and maybe something we don't relate to, and yet, we can find rituals and ceremonies normalized in our day to day life.
Your daily Tea/Cofee can be ritualised
Blowing out candles on a birthday cake
Donning a gown for a graduation

Consciously practiced, ritual & ceremony can transition us into the liminal space, allowing an opportunity for us to get out of our heads and for a moment invite a MYSTERY and a Magic to unfold.



"Wilderness Quest is all about remembering who you were always meant to be... before the world got its hands on you."
Kate Rydge, of Nature Philosophy (Stalking Wolf Lineage)




Vision Quest Ceremony is earth-based practice as old as dirt.

The power of this ceremony is in its simplicity, a stripped down, bare-boned essence of what it means to call in the truest version of ourselves, to get a glimpse into what the Earth dreamed up into being and purpose for. To understand and inquire into our internal landscape that can be reflected back to us by the Land that we're held by.

4 days and 4 nights within your circle, fasting from food, along with everything we know to be true, including the versions of ourselves and the roles we feel attached to can reveal what is at the heart of our personal power, and begin living from this place, rather from a life of obligation and "should's".

This form of quest holds the most potent questions we might dare to ask and can offer understanding, clarity, and a sense of conviction around living from our heart's truth. There is nothing more powerful than the will and freedom to live a life guided by this truth.

There is no 'guru' who is going to give you all the answers, no 5-step life hack, just simply your full presence and willingness to be with yourself and the Land.

You will be held by highly trained Vision Quest protectors from this lineage of Stalking Wolf throughout this journey, from arrival, site selection, preparation, safety, holding space while you are in the ceremony, and supporting you through integration upon your return.

Change is inevitable, whether its the letting go of an old role, welcoming in something new or the recognition you're feeling inbteween. There is power in anchoring, acknowledging and marking these thresholds of transformation.

Allow us to co-create a meaningful experience for you that is grounded in the simple magic of the natural elements, and rooted in symbols and rituals that you feel a resonance with.

Examples of ceremonies & rituals we have guided others through in the recent past:
- Wedding ceremonies
- Marking birthdays
- Milestones of health & recovery
- Departure from a home
- Elemental & significant dates in the calendar (Solstice etc.)

- Relationship endings


There is no defined outcome of any ceremony, though, three fundamental phases of transformation, or rite of passage; Severance - Threshold - Integration.


Using the metaphor of a caterpillar's transformation, we must first be ready to let go of an identity we once had. Like the caterpillar, who recognizes the time to create its cocoon, it needs to be willing to let go of remaining a caterpillar. The next step can often feel the most uncertain and uncomfortable, as the caterpillar enters the cocoon. It is no longer a caterpillar, and yet it is still not a butterfly. This phase can be where many of feel trapped and uncertain of what is happening. The last phase of integration is not just about breaking through the cocoon and revealing the beautiful butterfly within, but to consciously understand the transformation that has occurred. Without which, the butterfly may still believe it is a caterpillar, and continue to behave in the same way. 



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