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Meet your very own bespoke Wild Hearth Soul Basket


What is this?

I weave your essence, your story into a bespoke totemic basket that will carry and express your unique magic.
The entirety of the basket or vessel will be woven from wild foraged plants and elements of the land. Plants carry mythic and medicinal qualities to their bodies in their relationship to the natural world and the way humans have historically been in alliance with them, their mythic characteristics will be chosen intentionally and intuitively to your specific vessel.

Your basket will be an ecology of the Land, as well as of your inner soulscape.

Why would I want this?

These vessels carry meaning, symbols and the stories of the Land as well as your essence within them. They can be powerful allies, protectors and a totemic guardian to mark an important element, reminder and stage in your life.

Maybe you, or a loved one are going through, or coming up to a significant transition in your life. This could be a coming of age, a bereavement, transition in work, life, home, relationship. Or, you may wish to celebrate and capture an essence of your Spirit, that wishes to be expressed in this vessel.
These totem baskets can express this story, this journey for you. carrying wisdom that has been woven into your tapestry, as well as holding space for what is to emerge.


How I work

My job is to get out of the way, and listen to the Spirit of the basket that wishes to express itself through your story.
Similar to protecting a vision quest, my commitment is to be a hollow bone, for that which wants to be expressed and pass through me, that which is far more intelligent, more creative than I could ever be.

Yes, I have the skills to be able to weave in a diverse way. I have been blessed to have lived with and learned from indigenous basket weavers in Panama & Australia, of whom I credit learning not just the skill, but relationship to Land, place and community. Weaving has and is inherently part of our history and our future.

How we would work together

We would begin by connecting over a 45 min call, primarily to feel into if your story wishes to be woven by my hands.

If it feels aligned, we will begin a series of coaching calls (online or in-person) to listen for the story or the essence of Spirit that wishes to be told in woven form.


The coaching sessions will be designed to draw out meaning, symbols, story and myth, celebrating your essence and all the threads that make up the beautiful tapestry that you are.  

The sessions will begin to draw out the story and essence, then as I begin to weave your vessel, we will schedule continued sessions to check in, and allow me to share what is coming up for me as I weave your story. This process can support both me and the basket in tuning in on its trajectory, as well as for you in hearing what is coming up and through the vessel that is a well of connection for you too.

Our final session will be once the basket has been completed and you have had a chance to meet it. This session will allow for any questions you may have about meaning, symbols and curiosities that have arisen from meeting your Soul basket.

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