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Kembali Earth's Song Gatherings will be held in an outdoor space, among the trees and in the light of the moon and by candlelight, welcoming all those who wish to be in community and experience the restorative and therapeutic qualities of music and song when shared in a group.


The songs shared will be simple, yet powerful and there is no need for any experience of singing whatsoever!

These gatherings are not about singing in tune, or 'getting it right', they are about releasing our individual and collective voices, and practising authenticity through song.


We welcome those who:

  • Are curious and wish to learn Earth Songs and Mantra's for relaxation

  • Wish to discover their powerful voice within

  • Love to sit in community and feel the strength, support and power in a group

  • Feel shy and scared of sharing your voice, but know you have something important to say

  • Love to sing, and searching for a supportive community to belt out!

  • Are trying to find alternative ways to reach a meditative state

  • Wish to feel you are part of something bigger



Restorative and therapeutic qualities of song & music:

  • Music and song can offer itself as a way of communication for those who struggle to express themselves

  • Studies have shown that singing and chanting in groups can synchronize peoples heartbeats

  • Music activates your limbic system, a set of structures in the brain where your emotions and memories are formed

  • Music & song requires you to use your whole brain, which builds stronger and healthier neural connections

  • Music can remind us of who we were, who we in the present moment, and who you are meant to be

  • Sharing songs can strengthen bonds between people

  • Music and song can bring you back to your body, noticing and connecting with your senses


About your guide:

Jasmine, like many children, would sing unapologetically, out loud, in any situation or circumstance, she loved it. After experiencing a difficult split with her parents, and long term bullying in school, Jasmine lost her voice. She became fearful of singing and even speaking. It wasn't until her late twenties that Jasmine unknowingly found herself in a Kirtan circle, chanting ancient Sanskrit hymns, and later, a guided song circle at a Non-Violent Communication conference. These experiences unlocked a part of her that she had been unaware had been locked away for decades, and fueled her journey in discovering and expressing the inner voice within that houses that innate wisdom we all have access to.


Jasmine is trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader

  • Eco-Therapy Practice

  • Permaculture Design

  • Vision Quest Protector

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Bushcraft & Survival skills

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more -

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