Women's Wild Swimming is a monthly meetup for anyone interested in connecting with like-minded Wild Women to swim in pristine rock pools and warm up by a fire, and share foraged wild tea together.

Why Women's only?
We want to create a safe, welcoming and unthreatening environment for women to come together to experience and explore Nature in a way that instinctively feels right for them. This gathering welcomes all who identify as a woman.

The power of a community or sisterhood can be immense. As women, we raise each other up through the diversity of our shared experiences and collectively reconnect with our power, which lies in our vulnerability.

Each month your guide will take you to different rock pools scattered around Hong Kong. The difficulty level may vary each time, and we will endeavor to guide you rock pools that have a balance of untouched wild and accessibility.

Cost: There is no cost for this gathering, just an agreement to split shared transportation costs evenly


Number of people: We will keep the group to a maximum of 10 people to keep it intimate as well as for safety reasons.

Child-friendly: A number of our walks will be held on weekends and at sites that children can access with ease and adventure.


 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more - connect@kembali.org

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