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“To be whole, to be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human – what we are connected to, rather than what we are separated from”

– Terry Tempest Williams


Full Moon
3rd - 5th Feb 2023





Spending your days tucked away on a beautiful, quiet beach, with nothing to do and nowhere to go but weave your very own basket.



Sleeping under the Stars & Moon, then rolling out of your tent and watching the sunrise in sacred silence


Getting to know our local plants, learning how to harvest, process and weave your very own soul basket from its fibres.



Cooking & sharing songs around a fire, strengthening your threads of connection with the natural world and deepening your sense of belonging to this land.

Need I say more?




Arrive from 3 - 5pm
Set up personal camp area
Opening Fire
Wild cooking dinner
Welcoming ceremony


Introduction to local fibres, harvesting, foraging
Begin the trance of weaving!
Fire-side weaving, song circle & storytime 



Completion of baskets
Closing ceremony
Leaving camp by 2pm


10 spaces are available for each immersion, children are welcome to join.


Tucked away in a quiet part of Lamma Island, we will nestle ourselves on a secluded part of a beach and create ourselves a little weaving village. The beach is a 25 min easy & paved walk to the beach.

A small village is located nearby with access to simple food, as well as a public toilet to use.

Each individual or family will be required to bring their own tent, and camping gear as we will be wild camping on this beach.

Our sanctuary does require a little bit of a hike to get to, so please contact us if you’d like to understand how much physical activity is involved.


Camping - We will be camping for 2 nights, each person will be responsible for bringing their own camping gear to be kept comfortable for the duration of the immersion

Children - Your little ones are welcome! Do please consider if the environment would be suitable for them to spend their time in, and how their presence may influence you during the immersion. They will be welcome to weave with us, as well as welcome to explore, and play on the beach & in the water. As are you!

Food - We will be providing the dinner meal each night (Friday & Saturday) which will be hearty vegan food cooked over the campfire! All other meals & snacks you will be responsible for bringing.
We would suggest bringing simple foods such as bread, avocados, etc. that are easy to carry and will not need refrigeration.

There is also a local family nearby to the beach where we will be camping, who offer simple noodles & eggs which you're welcome to eat at and support their business!

Toilets - There is a public toilet on the beach (5mins walk from where we are camping).


In exchange for this Immersion, I humbly ask for a donation amount of your choosing.


100% of donations will be used to fund my year-long Weaving Teacher training in Australia, as well as direct donations to the Emberá community in Panama, who will take me in for 1 month in March 2023 so I may learn their tradition, life and the art of weaving in that lineage.




- Tent

- Sleeping bag
- Sleeping mat
- Head torch (with spare batteries)
- Pillow (or bring a pillowcase & stuff it with your clothes)
- Bowl & cutlery to eat with
- Cup/mug


- Toiletries, Sunscreen, Insect repellent
- Hat
- Towel
- Change of clothes
- Swimsuit
- Hand sanitizer
- Plastic bag for wet clothes
- Camping chair/mat to sit on for weaving
- Beach mat/Sarong to sit on
- Octopus card
- Minimum 2litres of water per person

- Light & easy to pack foods that don't require refrigeration
(crackers, biscuits, bread, avocado, fruit, nuts)
We will have the ability to boil water at camp

Contact us to join us on our Immersion -

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