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At the central core of this art is the practice of returning to the Hearth space, the community, the source. We return, to remembering our undeniable interconnection & participation with the world around us.


To weave is to tend and mend the tendrils of our Heart space. The space of weaving can offer presence, safety & solace while we alchemize our Heartstrings & the plants into vessels that carry our truth.


Wild foraging for weaving plants brings us back into connection with the cycles of the Earth and her seasons. Each blade of grass or tree bark is a direct reflection of the elements that participated in creating its unique form. When we tend to the Land, we tend to our bodies & spirit.



Weaving is a commitment to the path of truth and beauty. It is bringing the unseen into the world, so that we co-create our vision into reality, right before our eyes.


Let me tell you more about my foraging & basket weaving journey here


Multi-day Wild Weaving retreats where we bathe in the elements of the plants we will forage for, tend to, and learn how to weave a basket that reflects our presence in place and time.


What is your personalized soul-basket? What is the reflection of your essence or your relationship mirrored back to you through a woven basket? Work with me to co-create your individual, couple or group collective soul basket.


Support my work as an artist, my continued studies and projects I am dreaming up to support and celebrate indigenous weavers of wisdom from around the world.



This Quest that I am on brings me to continue building connections with indigenous weaving communities around the world. To learn from their craft & custodianship with the Land, to live into the Art of my own weaving so that this collective wisdom may be imbued into stories and experiences to be shared with the wider world & web.

This work is my life, and I give my life to this undeniable calling that I know serves a wider purpose for us all. My commitment to the mystery of this lies in the heart of moving with integrity of how to share in continued right relationship with the Earth and the communities that have long held these traditions. 


Your donations will support:


My travel to these communities
Course fees related to weaving, bushcraft, storytelling, community building
Donations made to Indigenous communities visited
My humble living expenses


These earthen baskets are our ancestors, they tell the story of our past as well as well as our future.

The roots are clear and deep, how these roots express themselves as they rise above ground still remain a mystery.


Your support will help guide this mystery, in the trust that whatever comes forth will, and can only be a thing of beauty.

Offer your donations here

My planned Journeys & Courses

Sept 2023 - May 2024 Martin Shaw - Stalking the Feral Soul, Mythology, receiving stories from the Land, Devon, UK. 

Oct 2023 - Mollie McMillen Artist - Willow & English Rush weaving, Hampshire, UK.

Oct 2023 - Clare Rushmore - Braided rush making basketry

May 2024 Mollie McMillen Artist - Cedar Bark Harvest

May 2024  Tim Johnson Artist - Neolithic Braid weaving course, Scotland

Aug 2024 Chris Park - Traditional Skep Making

Potential Explorations & Collaborations

2025 Mapuru Homelands with Nature Philosophy, Womens Weaving Immersion, Australia
Japan immersion in weaving with Ramie & wild grape vine
Madagascar Immersion in womens weaving communities 
South Africa Immersions in Elephant grass weaving & tracking
Dartmoor (UK) Loom weaving with wild Fibres

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