"Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all"

- Aristotle


Kembali is an Indonesian word meaning 'to return'. For us, a return to nature, is also a return to rediscovering our true selves. 

Kembali offers Nature and Forest therapy walks, combined with workshops that support emotional
awareness, alignment, and action. Programmes are all based on the wisdom & patterns of the natural world, taking natural systems as a framework from which we can be supported to reconnect and rediscover ourselves.

We believe that Personal well-being and Planetary well-being are not separate. The beauty we see in the natural world is mirrored in ourselves, as is the pollution that we’re now faced with. By reconnecting and harmonising with the natural system we find our way back to balance & belonging with ourselves. Reframing the natural world from being a commodity to a community, will also ignite a shift in how we choose to participate as part of that community.


Walks and programmes are customised to connect with the need of the group, whether for children, teens, corporates, families or individuals.




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