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"We're in need of a revolution

And it begins with falling in love with the Earth"

Kembali offers a variety of guided Nature & Forest therapy walks for those who wish to take time out from their busy lives, and experience the healing power of the natural environment.

Children and youth already have access to all they need to know. Our approach is to facilitate the reconnection with themselves and the natural world by gently removing barriers & fears that may be present so they can have access to their own inner wisdom and hear what the natural world has to offer them.

This Call of the Wild Series offers Re-Wilding skills which includes deep Nature Connection, fun-filled and reflective Nature games and a community of like-minded hearts that gather in beautiful wild spaces across Hong Kong.

We understand the importance of a diverse & cohesive work environment that lends itself to efficiently working towards the shared goal. We offer outdoor team building walks and programmes that weave in physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, that is essential to the function of any healthy team.

Our coaching practice is rooted in Permaculture, a system of ecological design that looks to nature as a model. By observing how Nature designs itself to be efficient, interdependent, and balanced, we take those lessons and implement it to our inner landscapes.

Designed to allow a safe space for young women to experience all of this, and feel ready to consciously step into the next phase of their lives with a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

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Commonly asked questions such as What is the difference between Forest Therapy and hiking? I'm not very fit, does this matter? Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. 



The walks are a unique experience and everyone will gain different insights and perspectives. Read some personal accounts about our programmes. 

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