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Hermes & kembali re-wilding immersion
Mon 14th Nov 2022



Overnight Lantau Lodge (Private): The lodge is located in a secluded valley on Lantau and has the capacity to hold 10pax indoors in shared rooms as well as private rooms. There will be options for camping and sleeping outdoors if there is a desire to. The journey to this lodge requires a bus ride from Mui Wo, or Tung Chung, followed by a 45min walk and hike.

Rooms available:
Single room (1pax) Single Bed x 2
Double room (2pax) Queen Bed x 2
Double room (2pax) Twin single Beds x 2

Extra inflatable mattresses are available, as well as camping equipment to sleep outdoors.

Lodge booking date options:

29th-30th Sept
5th - 6th Oct (preferred)


Full-Day Experience locations: This will greatly depend on the nature of the experience we will engage in, whether we will find a secluded beach, waterfall, riverway or country park. The locations selected will wherever possible, quiet and unfrequented by other hikers.


Your Guide:

First and foremost, Jasmine Nunns is an apprentice and student of the Earth.

Her role in sharing these programmes with you will be to facilitate an experience among Nature that feels inclusive, restorative, inspiring and safe. Curating a balance between holding just enough structure to build trust, and allowing space for the unknown, which is where the magic lies.

As the founder of Kembali, Jasmine shares a strong passion for guiding nature-based experiences that supports our reconnection to the Human and Earth community. 


Whether it's through sharing songs & stories around a campfire, guiding wilderness quests & rites of passage, whittling tools from wood, learning the art of weaving baskets from plants and trees, or holding ceremonies that celebrate and bring community together. Jasmine believes there is no greater revolution needed in our time, than to fall back in love with this ancient mother of ours, the Earth.

Jasmine is trained and certified in:

·       Masters in Counselling

·       Wilderness First Aid Responder

·       Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

·       Rites of Passage Facilitator

·       ICF Certified Transformational Coach

·       Level 3 Forest School Leader

·       Eco-Therapy Practice

·       Permaculture Design

·       Vision Quest Protector

·       Mindfulness Practice

·       Bushcraft & Survival skills

 Connect with us if you have any further questions and inquiries -

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