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Call of the Wild Immersion

Ng Yuen, Lantau Island

13th - 16th May


Settle in, unpack, explore and get to know lodge

Thurs 13th May

10am Meet at Tung Chung MTR station, travel to Ng Yuen.
         Bus/taxi to Tai O. Walk 45 mins to lodge

11.30  Settle in, unpack, explore and get to know lodge

12.30  Lunch

1.30 Wild land exploration,Rest time, journaling/intention setting

2.30 Welcome to land ritual

3.30 Begin basket weaving

5.00 Collect fire wood, prepare dinner fire space & making fire kit

6.30 Fire start & dinner prep

7.30 Fireside dinner

8.30 Intention setting with fire, introduction to the elements ritual

9.30 Free time & Bed

Fri 14th May

7.00 Morning ceremony & ritual

7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Time to make packed lunch
        Free time in practicing Earth skills/weaving/carving

9.30 Exploration day
        - Hiking
        - Visiting secret waterfalls & rockpools
        - Wild swimming

12.30 Packed lunch

1.30 Free time & Earth skills practice
       Making a fishing spear

2.30 Mini Forest Bathing experience with tea ceremony

4.00 Walk back out to Tai O - Bus to Shui Hau

5.15 Arrive at Shui Hau, collect fire wood

6.00 Fire circle prep

6.45 Birthday ceremony & Blessing

7.00 Fire start & Cooking

7.30 Dinner

8.30 Pack away, bus back to Ng Yuen

9.45 Arrive Ng Yuen, free time/Bed

Saturday 15th May

7.00 Morning ceremony & ritual

7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Free time in practicing Earth skills, whittling journey stick/basket weaving

9.30 Guided Bushcraft skills
       - Plant fibres, making jewellery from plants
       - Nature Crafts
       - Basket weaving
       - Spoon carving

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Free time for bushcraft practice/rest

3.30 Guided bushcraft practice
       - Ancestral fire making (no lighters of matches!)
       - Fire with strikers
       - Fire with flint
       - Fire with bow drill

6.00 Fire tending for cooking dinner

7.30 Dinner

8.00 Fireside time, songs around the fire

8.45 Free time & bed

Sunday 16th May

7.00 Morning ceremony & ritual

7.30 Breakfast

8.30 Final time in practicing Earth skills/weaving/carving
       Finishing off crafts that need to be completed.

10.30 Clear away time

11.00 Reflections, gratitude & goodbyes

11.15 Begin walking out to return to the city

12.00 Bus to Tung Chung


Our time will be predominantly spent on the private sanctuary of Ng Yuen, Lung Tsai on Lantau Island. To reach this retreat location, will require a 45 min walk from the nearest road access, part of it requiring a steep uphill climb. 
The Lodge will have access to showers, bathroom, a private bedroom with bedding, dining areas, and a fully equipped kitchen.



Avocado & Toast with Goats Cheese

Oatmeal with fresh fruit & honey

Coconut Chia seed pudding with fresh fruits


Kale & beetroot superfood salad

Haloumi & chicken wraps 

Chicken & avocado Quesadilla


Steak & sugersnap beans

Thai Coconut chicken & noodle soup

Banana Flower, lentil & pork curry



Backpack to carry belongings
(Wheeley bags won't be appropriate for the walk up to the lodge)
Day bag (small backpack for personal belongings)

Water bottle (to be able to contain at least 1.5litres)


Mosquito repellent 

Comfortable outdoor clothing for the 4 days
(Suggest long, loose trousers for the evening to avoid insect bites)

Comfortable walking shoes
Flip flops or leisure shoes
Rain poncho (weather dependent)
Mat/inflatable cushion to sit on for comfort
Head Torch (with spare batteries)

Face Mask
Hand Sanitiser
Personal toiletries

A sacred item from home (further details below)


This item will be a symbol of an anchor, or protector during your experience at Ng Yuen. Once we arrive at the lodge we will hold a simple opening ceremony which will initiate the start of us walking through this threshold together.
Simply put, this is an item you'd wish to bring from home that will accompany you through this experience and holds some symbolic meaning for you.

Important things to note about this item:
- It will be exposed to the elements, wind, rain (possibly)

- It should hold some sort of significance, a memory, or attachment with it
- It does not have to be a natural item (found in Nature) but it can be!
- You may choose to bring it home after the experience is complete

- A special scarf/clothing item
- A shell/stone/piece of jewelry
- Something you've made
- A gift you have received which feels important


Client, Guide & Lodge Agreements


The following are suggested agreements held by each participant, and your guide.

Care for Yourself

It is your responsibility to take care of your own needs during the retreat in the best way you know how. This includes bringing sufficient water, snacks, and appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable throughout the time we spend together.

Your guide will share information needed to keep you safe while outdoors, and using tools. It is your responsibility to follow these suggestions to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others.


Care for Others

Kembali is inclusive of all from our human family from diversity of ethnicity, gender orientation, sexual orientation, backgrounds, beliefs and values. We invite participants to approach these gatherings and practices with a sense of curiosity and kindness to ourselves and each other.

Care for Nature

Kembali shares practices with a sense of honouring the land that we live on, so wherever possible, we a adopt an approach of ‘Leave a better trace’.




The itinerary will be shared with the client prior to the retreat date. The programme will include multiple bushcraft and Earth skills, with ample time for craft building, free time for personal rest or desired activities.
The itinerary will serve as a framework, and guideline for how the time will be spent, and will also be flexible based on weather conditions, and any particular opportunities that may present itself along the way.

Client’s responsibility:

  • To inform the guide on any changes requested prior to the retreat. The notice given will determine whether changes are possible based on the remote location of the lodge, and the materials, equipment and gifts available from Nature are available.

  • To honour the framework of the itinerary throughout the days, which will provide a diversity of experiences of which is being co-created by the Guide and the Client. Arriving late for example may affect the flow of the day’s itinerary and impact the remaining time of the retreat.

  • To remain in open communication with the Guide on requested changes while on the retreat, if particular activities call to the client more, and more time is desired on a specific area.


Guide’s responsibility:

  • The Guide will reserve the right to change, modify or cancel any programs as when considered necessary based on the weather conditions, abilities of the client and any foreseen conditions determined by the Guide.

  • Any such change will be made in consultation with the Client with as much notice as possible.



Physical safety is of utmost importance as we move through the retreat. There will be many experiences that will require physical coordination and energy in order to move through it safely.

Client’s responsibility:

  • To be responsible for, and carry any personal medications separate from the Guide’s first aid kit.

  • To inform the Guide of any past or present injuries that may impact on the planned activities so adjustments can be made

  • To understand any activities conducted in the ‘Free time’ space on the itinerary is also done at the Client’s own risk. This includes leisure walks/runs/exercise done independently.

  • To honour the agreement that the use of sharp knives and tools are to be used only in the presence of the Guide. Unless agreed otherwise.

  • The client accepts that any activity conducted outdoors will carry an element of risk. 

  • The client agrees to practice self-care, and awareness for their own physical abilities so as not to put themselves under unnecessary risk. 

  • The Client will share the contacts of 2 individuals prior to the retreat for the Guide’s safe keeping, to be the point of contact in the event of an emergency.


Guide’s responsibility:

  • Your guide is certified in Wilderness First Aid Response, and will carry a comprehensive first aid kit on any and all outdoor sessions as well as for safekeeping at the lodge site.

  • Your Guide will treat any injuries based on the training the Guide has received over the years.

  • Your guide will carry a map of the vicinity in which we will be traveling, and a fully charged phone, as well as GPS device in the event of an emergency.

  • Your Guide will advise on safe routes to take, and will always consider your physical safety first

  • Your guide will practice and demonstrate skills using certified methods of training that will always put the Client’s safety first as well as any individuals part of the group.

  • To remain up to date on the latest weather forecasts, and base decisions on activities on the safest course of action.



All materials used during the retreat for Earth skills and Bushcraft practice will be provided for by the Guide. Usage of the tools will be taught by the Guide in the proper ways of handling for safety and longevity of the tools


Client’s responsibility:

  • To remain present and focussed in the Guide’s demonstration and practice of using the tools

  • To return tools to their designated spaces after usage

  • To care for the tools while using them, and cleaning them after use.

  • Any damages, breakages or loss of the tools by the Client will need to be replaced or reimbursed (aside from general wear and tear).

Guide’s Responsibility:

  • To provide all tools that will be required throughout the retreat

  • To offer guidance, demonstration and reminders on how to hold, use and clean tools safely for usage.


Nourishment & food

All food, nourishment, refreshments and drinks will be provided by the Guide & the Lodge.

Client’s responsibility:

  • The Client will inform the Guide of any allergies, or strong dislikes to certain foods a minimum of 2 weeks before the retreat date

  • The Client & Guide will discuss and agree on the catering and menu for the retreat days

  • To participate in the preparing and cooking of dinner meals and support using bushcraft skills

  • The Client will nourish and tend to their bodies as needed, in relation to the physical exertion required for many of the activities

The Guide’s responsibility:

  • To design and create a meal plan based on the Client’s dietary requests

  • To provide ample & rich nourishment for the Client throughout the retreat

  • Wherever possible to cook meals over the campfire and offer the Client opportunities for wild cooking practice

  • To provide all cooking utensils used over the campfire

  • To clean cooking utensils thoroughly between meals

The Lodge Responsibility:

  • To ensure clean drinking water is available on site throughout the retreat dates.

  • To provide variety of dishes, eating utensils used for serving food


The Venue:

The Venue at which the venue will be held is a unique private mountain lodge, offering a sanctuary away from the urban fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong. There is no car access and requires a 45min walk from the main road, which involve easy flat walking as well as some steep and uneven ground.

The Lodge Responsibility:

  • To provide a clean & safe room for the client to stay and keep belongings in for the duration of the retreat

  • To provide clean and fresh bedding & towels for the Client

  • To ensure washroom facilities are clean & in order

  • To ensure adequate cleaning drinking water supply for the duration of the retreat

  • To provide adequate information on best practices in managing and caring for the space while the retreat is ongoing

Client’s Responsibility:

  • To respect and care for the Lodge’s furniture & appliances

  • Any damages incurred by the Client will be replaced or reimbursed by the Client

  • To leave the room as it was found once the retreat has been completed

  • To respect the Lodge privacy, by not posting the exact location of the lodge on social media spaces.


The Guide’s responsibility:

  • To respect and care for the Lodge’s furniture & appliances

  • To ensure any and all materials used from the kitchen are cleaned thoroughly

  • To be responsible for any damages incurred by the Guide, either replaced or reimbursed.

  • To leave the land and the space as it was found after the retreat has been completed

  • To ensure campfires on site are well managed, maintained and safely extinguished before leaving the fire space.

  • To ensure all rubbish from the retreat is properly disposed of and/or recycled.


Health & wellbeing

Given current local and global circumstances around the Covid19 pandemic, the Client, Guide and Lodge will take necessary steps to keep all those involved safe, and healthy.

Client & Guide’s responsibility:

  • Agree to taking a rapid Covid Antigen test prior to arriving at the Lodge

  • Agree to wearing a mask when traveling outside of the lodge to public spaces and public transport

  • Agree to practicing good personal hygiene



Client’s responsibility:

  • To keep the location of the Lodge venue confidential

  • Photos from the lodge outdoor area can be shared, only without the location pin

  • Respect the request to not share photos from indoors, inside the lodge.

  • Photos & experiences from the lodge and retreat may be shared under the context of a ‘private visit.’

  • To understand and respect the lodge’s requests around maintaining privacy in the public eye & social media.

Guide’s responsibility:

  • Your Guide will not discuss any personal information about the Client shared during the retreat with any other individual. 

  • Photos taken during the course of the retreat will be shared with the Client for their personal use.

  • Any photos used by Kembali for future promotions will first be approved by the Client.

  • Where possible when venturing outside of the private grounds of the Lodge, choices of public outdoor locations will be selected to offer seclusion and privacy from the public. 




Terms and Conditions of Service


  1. Kembali undertakes to guide the Client through this customized retreat. The Guide will use their best efforts based on its previous experience to ensure the safety of the Client during the Retreat.

  2. Kembali accepts no liability and assumes no responsibility for any injury or death of any participants or for any damage to or loss of their personal property during the course of the Walk or programme.

  3. Kembali reserves the right to cancel or adjust the programme before in case of:

    • Evidence of a forest fire occurring and likely to affect the route

    • Red Rainstorm warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

    • Thunderstorm warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

    • Typhoon signal issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

    • Flood warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory

    • Injury, inexperience or other individual factors based on what is required for skills practice

The Guide would be solely responsible for deciding the most appropriate action to take in any of these cases.

  1. Kembali will not be responsible for any Client who leaves the organised programme or walk to take an alternative route or practices skills in any other way other than what Kembali has demonstrated, leading to injury or loss.

  2. Kembali will not be liable for any injury caused to a Client whilst boarding, travelling in or alighting from any Public Transport or private vehicle.

  3. The Client will be responsible for their own travel costs on public transport.

  4. Medical conditions, allergies or physical ailments should be communicated with the guide prior to the programme to discuss suitability in joining the specified activities.

  5. The Client will confirm a deposit of 30% of the full payment by 25th April 2021.

  6. Full payment of the remaining amount will be paid no later than 7th May 2021

  7. If Cancelation, rescheduling or refund is required by request of the Client after full payment has been made, a refund of 70% will be offered to compensate for admin and booking fee’s of the Lodge. Kembali will not offer make up programmes, or refunds based on the client’s personal reasons.

  8. In event of cancellation by Kembali due to T3, T8, T10, Black or Red Rain, Kembali & the Client will come to an agreement to postpone the retreat to a safer time. The Programme should be rescheduled within 6 months. If no agreement can be made, a refund of 80% of the total fee’s paid will be refunded to account for admin & booking fees.




I understand that all action, activities and experiences taken is performed voluntarily and is at my own risk & responsibility. 

By agreeing to participate in this retreat, I demonstrate I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it, and I agree to be bound by its terms.

 Connect with us if you have any further questions and inquiries -

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