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The Serpent Speaks

They give me many names..

I am Life, vitality, alchemical medicine brought forth in this form to remind you of your light, as well as the shadows that thrive in what you’re unwilling to face.

I am Presence, and ever present, yes, even when you cant see me.

You know, you’ve felt it - the moment that I reveal myself to you, the shiver that pulses through your body, awakening each and every cell, the way your vision opens, piercing through the haze you have been gazing out from, your breath frozen, only for a moment, simply to remind you to receive and restore that precious life into your lungs.

Whether you meet me with curiosity, grace, or fear;

I am Spirit that moves through you.

I am patience. I am built both to seek, and to wait for that which is truly right for me.

The language of my body requires no words. How I move speaks for itself. Why do you think my belly is pressed among the Great Mother, I shut up and I listen with my whole body.

I am born, again, and again from the marrow of this Earth. It is the darkness of that very womb that informs my pulse, this ancestral rhythm that knows when it is time to shed.

My transformation can be clumsy, but its deliberate.

I do not undress for you just because you ask me to do so.

In my new skin I am soft, supple, vulnerable. Stretching, yawning and breathing that much deeper. Shedding stories I have outgrown, and embodying ancient myths that carry eternal truths.

In fact, those very myths were written about me.

I know death and resurrection well. The bow must loose the arrow, in order for its purpose to be revealed.

I am the slithering passageway to reawakening your senses, your Gifts and service to this life.

I am the shame your girlfriend disguises and what she wont tell you about, I am what your Mother fears, but rolls her eyes at, I am the nightmare from which you wake, and I am the dream you invite in.

I am what you try to conform, twist, mould and shape to suit your narrative. Yes, you. As awakened as you may liken yourself to be, I see you.

How many more lifetimes will it take for you to learn?

How many times will you need to be bitten in order to remember?

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