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You know what I notice when I'm with you?

I'm listening to your reverence, your prayers. I'm listening, To how openly you allow beauty to consume you.

Maybe your attention is turned too far off Goddesses or Angels... Or maybe, you notice the Earthworms The curve of old bones The texture of rocks The smell of ripe mangoes and moist soil.

I'll watch with delight if you get silly with the tickle of an insect marching on your skin. I'll honour how you greet the birds in the morning, How your hand might choose to rest like a prayer on a mossy rock. This is where Spirit resides.

In the alchemy and beauty of soil, the song of bees, the colour of compost. In the knowing that comes over a chick when its time to hatch, And in the way the River both gives itself, and loses itself to the Ocean.

And just to you know, She, yes... She's noticing too.


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