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There are many ways to protect.

And a woman always remembers the times when men have taken a stand to protect the feminine.

Sometimes, it's in a way of direct protection by a man's presence, physicality, influence and voice. Sometimes, it looks like men doing their own shadow work, unraveling the painfully engrained patriarchal conditions boys are often raised through. It's protecting us from the parts of themselves that want to control us, to keep us meek, small and a "pretty" version of the feminine that makes them feel more comfortable.

Sometimes, protection is how they step aside, place their hand on our back so we can speak what we need and be witnessed in safety. When they are consciously encouraging, trusting & recognising of our sovereignty, our innate magic and the power of our life-giving heart & womb.

Sometimes it looks like when women commune to share vulnerable and universal stories, and the men stand outside in a circle hand to hand, protecting those gatherings because of the simple and powerful acknowledgment that when women come together in community, in safety, the spells that we cast can and do change the world. We need to now, Men. We need you and all those ways of protection, So that we may rise together.


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