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"The walk was an amazing experience, completely out of my expectation.  This was the first time I walked in the nature in such a slow pace and got to “enjoy” and “treasure” what the nature has had provided to us.  My mind and heart felt being “washed” and “cleansed” after the walk, it was a very relaxing journey.  In fact, this was the first time I enjoyed walking and being soaked under the pouring rain.  I strongly recommend this amazing journey to everyone! We all deserved this “escape” from the city! "

- Lisa, Director of Social Start-up Incubator 

"During our invitation with Jasmine, she guided me to use and awaken the senses I thought were dead. Thank you Jasmine, for having this beautiful experience."

- Mari, Professional Hotel Staff Executive

"I had a totally unique experience of sensing the forest. Inspiring and very beautiful!  I felt welcome and safe with Jasmine from the first moment of the walk. I really appreciated her special and gentle way of guiding and allowing me to share my experiences. It felt good, both for my body and my soul. I enjoyed every minute and I would definitely like to experience this again".

- Ann, Self-Employed

"Jasmine is a beautiful person. When being guided by her, I felt safe. She guided me to having mental space, freedom and lightness. I felt that plants, flowers and air were there in the group with us. Jasmine looks like a rare colourful butterfly, offering a gentle touch to my heart and great space in my head. I would recommend trying a forest bath with her.”

- Noémie, Occupational Therapist

The perfect gift to find space amongst nature to reconnect with yourself and find new ways of breaking out of auto-pilot into conscious decision making and being.

If you're looking for a quiet half day getaway or wish to reconnect with nature and what it has to offer then I would highly recommend this trip.  Jasmine was very patient and kind and made the experience to Lantau very special and I left feeling calmer and more grounded.

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