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Honouring the Meeting Time:  
Please know we have a 10mins allowance for waiting time. In order to honour those who have arrived on time. Unfortunately, we will not be able to coordinate with latecomers once we have started our walk.

Meeting place:

Victoria Peak Garden Carpark. Meeting point will be under the big pagoda (see photo below).



Victoria Peak Park is very accessible with open grassy areas as well as forested patches. Our time will be spent mainly under the canopy of the forest, with access and freedom to move around however you’d like to choose.

What should I bring to the walk?



  • Water bottle, 1.5litres

  • Head torch

  • Hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent

  • Comfortable clothing, suitable for outdoors and sitting on the floor.

  • Suggest long trousers to protect from insect bites

  • Comfortable walking shoes


*A mat, or camping chair. The ground at the location of the walk is quite rocky at certain parts, please bring a yoga mat or something similar to sit on for extra comfort.



  • Journal/notebook

  • Packed lunch/Snacks

*You are welcome to bring your camera. However, we do encourage people to observe their use of digital devices during the 3 hour walk.

Your guide: Jasmine Nunns
Jasmine Nunns has always been passionate about animals and the natural environment. Having spent a childhood climbing trees, digging for earth worms, and rescuing animals, it led her to working for animal welfare and environmental conservation charities, channelling her work to connecting people with animals and nature.

Over her 12 years working in experiential education, Jasmine has continually pursued further development to arm herself with the skills and knowledge needed to help others on their journey of connection. Jasmine is a ICF certified professional coach, she has also been trained in Permaculture Design, Mindfulness, and Eco-Therapy. Jasmine has also attended courses in NVC (Non-Violent Communication), nature connection and is a certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy. In addition, she is a Master Educator in Leave No Trace ethics and a Wilderness First Aid Responder and has recently completed her Masters in Counselling and Level 3 Forest School leader.


What are my transport options for getting to and from the meeting point?

Victoria Peak Park is approx. 20 min uphill walk along Mt Austin Road.
We recommend taking a taxi up to the carpark where our meeting point will be.​

The road will become narrow, and windy – trust the road and keep following the road towards Victoria Peak Garden, you will get there!

Parking spaces will be available, but please do consider that it may be busy with other park goers

Will there be toilets there?

Yes, there is a public toilet just at the entrance of the carpark.  


Will there be food provided?
Snacks will be provided by the organiser. However, we recommend you have a hearty breakfast, and bring whatever you need to keep comfortable before we end at noon. Please do let us know if you have any dietary requirements, or food allergies.


I'm not very fit, does this matter?
The Forest Therapy Walk is designed to slow us down, tune into our senses, and the environment. The pace of the Forest Therapy walk will therefore be very slow, and suitable for all levels of fitness.

Once at the site, we will be walking among the forested area and along a riverside made up of rocky boulders. Care should be taken in walking through uneven terrain if participants are not used to these conditions.  

Is it uncomfortable for me to sit on the ground, do I have to?
Not at all, we strive to make each participant comfortable. During the walk, we will come back together as a group several times to share experiences. We recommend participants bring a yoga mat/light camping chair or equivalent so sitting will be comfortable.

Are my children allowed to come?
Kembali offers programmes and workshops specifically for families and children, please contact us if you are interested in booking a family event. For this event, the minimum age is 14yrs.

Please contact Jasmine Nunns
6110 9293


Meeting point:
Large pagoda by the carpark, Victoria Peak Garden

Top of Mt Austin Road

Click for the Google link


Have other questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours -

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