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Food can bring down walls and be the perfect opportunity for storytelling, connection, mindfulness and practising gratitude.

Kembali offers a unique opportunity to come together as a team and learn how to cook delicious dishes over a campfire, using wild food that is often discarded or undervalued. You'll never bring sausages to your next camping trip again!

The team will learn how to make fire by friction (without matches or a lighter!) and build different forms of cooking tools, using only what Nature provides for us.

The experience offers up an opportunity for each person in the team to take responsibility for what they are interested in when preparing a meal, including the importance of setting the stage and table when sharing a meal with others.


Acquired skills:
- Primitive fire making
- Cooking over a fire using diverse methods
- Bushcraft skills
- Storytelling

- Delivering a delicious  4-course meal

- Identifying & preparing locally available wild food


- The unique environment and opportunity to learn hidden skills and talents of those among your team
- Strengthening bonds between individuals among the team
- Creative expression and problem solving
- Appreciating & acknowledging diversity within the team
- Sense of connection to nature, the team and yourself


Contact us to book a guided walk for your next team building event -

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