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Kembali’s WildCraft was born from a love of beauty. 

Nature already inspires awe and beauty all on her own. By carefully and respectfully harvesting plant materials from the wild as well as urban spaces or even areas where plants have been dumped, Jasmine bridges a connection with People and Plants through weaving the plants stories into what we translate as something visually beautiful. 


Ancient ones from all across the world had skills in taking plant materials and turning it into rope, bags, baskets, jewelry, bedding, hammocks, clothing and more. Jasmine wishes to honour those who came before her, to the years and years that it took sitting on the earth, cultivating these skills which had always been passed down from generations. Jasmine has had gracious opportunities to sit with teachers who have shared this craft, and inspired her own self discovery and ‘blood memory’ into cocreating these pieces with and from the Earth. 


Each piece is entirely hand crafted, personally foraged from the Earth, totally unique and lovingly made by listening to the way in which the plants wish to express themselves. 

Contact Jasmine for custom made pieces for your home -

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