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“To be whole, to be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human – what we are connected to, rather than what we are separated from”

– Terry Tempest Williams


 Multi-Day Retreat  *  Limited to 10 women  *  Coming in 2020


Hidden among the hills and valleys of Hong Kong, shrouded in forested canopies, streams and trails, a group of women converge, sharing their own unique stories, all held for 4 days in the cocoon of the Earth.



Bathing and cleansing in pristine waterfalls, deepening our relationship with Nature, which reflects a deeper connection with your wild soul. Cultivating a sense of belonging back to the Earth, to community, to your true nature.



Sharing songs around a fire, learning to weave from plants, re-imagining a new relationship with your body, sitting in sacred tea ceremony and the reclaiming your authentic voice

This wilderness retreat is for you if

  • You are feeling stuck and searching for a catalyst for change

  • You feel fear rules your life and year to break through those social constraints

  • Just need a break, and to recharge and restore your sense of balance

  • You are searching for support and guidance from a community of women

  • Feel you are moving through a transitional stage or wish to celebrate and mark a transition you have just completed.

  • You feel lost and wish to commune with Nature to find your way back to your truth and belonging

  • You feel the most alive when you’re surrounded by the wilds of Nature

  • You’ve always dared to be a little adventurous, but never found a space to express that


Snuggled in the hills of Hong Kong, the space we will rest our feet and our heads can only be described as a sanctuary, nestled by the forest, nourished by a stream, and perched above a stunning valley. In the interest of respecting this sacred space, we will only reveal its location after confirmation of your attendance. 

Each woman will have access to her own private space room with comfortable bedding as well as toilet and shower facilities. There will be options for people to camp if that is what they wish to do.

There is a fully functioning and fully stocked kitchen in which our food will be prepared to nourish us on this journey. Communal cooking will be an important part of this retreat as many connections and wisdom shares are offered in the process of preparing meals.

Our sanctuary does require a little bit of a hike to get to, so please contact us if you’d like to understand how much physical activity is involved.


In exchange for this retreat, we ask for a contribution of HK$4,500 for the 4-day retreat. A limited number of concessionary spaces are also available at HK$3,500 to allow us to be as inclusive to as many different women as possible.

Contact us to join us on our retreat -

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