Kembali understands the importance of a diverse & cohesive work environment that lends itself to efficiently working towards the shared goal.

We offer outdoor team building walks and programmes that weave in physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, that is essential to the function of any healthy team.


What to expect:
- A 
guided, and facilitated walk through a natural setting
- Activities & tools designed to foster:
            - Effective communication
            - Self-awareness, and regulation
            - Creativity & Imagination
            - Focus &


Team building forest therapy walks will support the team by:
- Reducing Cortisol (stress hormone)
- Strengthening team spirit, and creating deeper bonds between individuals
- Creative problem solving
- Appreciating & acknowledging diversity within the team
- Sense of connection to nature, the team and yourself
- Creative ideas brought about by learning patterns and designs offers by 
natural environment.

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