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This exciting day invites team members to learn various bushcraft skills that will play a vital role in the experience as well as translate to useful camping skills for the future!

Individuals will be guided on how to carve their own tent peg using various tools, as well as learn a variety of simple and helpful knots to tie-up a shelter in a number of different fashions.

Having practised these skills, the group will be invited into small teams and offered a challenge to set up a shelter based on what they have just learned. Using creative strategies and the various different skills in the group, team members will decide how best to raise their shelters, to see which team is the most successful!


Acquired skills:

- Whittling & Carving a tent peg straight from a stick
- Rope skills and knot tying

- Identifying safe and preferable shelter sites
- Identifying directions without using a compass



- Opportunity to observe that multiple solutions can be found for one challenge
- Reducing Cortisol (stress hormone)
- Strengthening team spirit, and creating stronger bonds between individuals
- Creative problem solving
- Appreciating & acknowledging diversity within the team
- Sense of connection to nature, the team and yourself
- Creative ideas brought about by learning patterns and designs offers by 
natural environment.

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