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No, it is not a typo, Kembali is wishing to offer space for connection, bonding and a container for whatever shows up.

This is a gathering that is exactly as it sounds, a group of people sitting together around a fire. No pretenses, no gimmicks. This is not some clever marketing of a networking event. It's allowing what fire does what fire best, brings people together.


 – For generations and lifetimes, fire has held a central and sacred space. It was the place of safety, warmth, gathering, ceremony, cooking, story-telling, and conflict resolution.


Now, we have replaced our central fire with a television, or another form of device that pulls people together to a space in the room. And yet, instead of coming together to connect, we disconnect. We disconnect from the hard day we have just had, we disconnect and distract ourselves from that difficult conversation we need to have with someone. We watch and dive into a different reality on the television because real life can sometimes be too hard to bear.


I am one of those people myself. I escape into the television to ‘just have a break’, and ‘relax from my day’, or ‘switch off’. And that’s exactly what happens… I switch on the telly, only to switch off. What am I switching off? The things I don’t want to do, the incessant noise and chatter in my head, I switch off the parts of me I am ashamed of.

It works... I become numb.


However – with that numbness, comes the numbing of my creativity, the dulling of my senses, the dilution of my vision and purpose. I switch off to my innate power.


Kembali’s Bondfire isn’t to bring shame to the many different coping mechanisms we have to survive in this crazy and sometimes painful world. Its sole purpose is to offer an alternative way.

Shifting from:
Coping to Thriving
Numbness to Connection
Distraction to Motivation
Uncertainty to Belonging


Come join our little Fire Tribe, once a month whereby the light of the fire, where all parts of you are welcome.

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more -

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