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A mentoring programme for girls and young women 


Summer 2020

4 -day programme during the week 

Drop off: 9am
Pick up: 2pm

Location: Hong Kong Island & South Side


This regular Nature-based gathering has been designed for girls offering a safe space in which each individual can explore and develop their personal gifts, as well as a community that explores themes around Belonging, Courage, Empathy, Authenticity and Connection. Nature offers the perfect place for us to practice self-acceptance as well as to recognize where our 'edges' are so that the girls can discern for themselves where risks may lie, and have the opportunity to make informed decisions of what feels right for them, so they feel empowered to apply this conviction in other areas of their life.


We offer Nature connection practices & games, walking, bouldering, hiking, bushcraft skills such as learning to build shelters, campfires, carving & whittling, tea ceremony and specific communication tools to invite inclusion, understanding, conflict resolution and self-awareness. Everything we share during the programme can be translated and taken back to any and all environments, including home, and school, so the girls feel they can draw on these practices and tools no matter where they are to support them.


These gatherings act as a gentle way of bringing awareness to self-limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning and offer opportunities to expand comfort zones and just experience safety within a group to show up in our true selves.



Community & Compassion

Weaving jewelry from grass, foraging for wild tea and communing together through tea ceremony




Whittling & knifework to carve sacred items from the Forest. Creating mini dens and shelters for the creatures that live there



Courage & Creativity

Fire making and tending skills through primitive fire by friction. Understanding a conscious fire and what it burns for.




Sharing a wild cooked meal straight from the fire itself, celebrating through gratitude and recognizing what we stand for.

Want to know more?

Your Investment

HKD$2500 for 4 sessions



Inclusive of

All tools & materials used during the gatherings, insurance coverage, comprehensive first aid kit, campfire circle time, tea ceremony offerings

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more, or book a no-obligation exploratory meeting -

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