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Bushcraft & Ancestral Skills for Modern Day Stress

Bushcraft is often understood as Survival skills. You may picture Bear Grylls, or some other dramatic male figure in a pretend life or death situation where they squeeze water out of antelope poo just to drink the moisture.

This is not Bushcraft!

While Bushcraft skills allows you to feel competent in a wilderness space, it is more about greater awareness of your natural surroundings and having the skills to thrive within the harmonies of the Earth. Bushcraft doesn't have to mean you're in a desperate survival situation. It's about observing what is available in your environment, respectfully harvesting these materials and creatively transforming it to enhance your personal experience and relationship to the space. That might mean building a chair from fallen branches, twining rope from abundant vines, cooking with materials and wild food that surrounds us. Its remembering that we are of this Earth, rather than trying to control it.

Bushcraft and Ancestral skills allows us to practice what the modern world has stripped away from us.

Awareness Living in a dense urban city can dull our senses. When we're bombarded with stimulus from all around us, our bodies cope with this overstimulation by numbing. We may also find we distract ourselves by drinking, eating unconsciously and other extreme forms of self-medicating.

Community So much emphasis is on the individual within an urban environment. Its more about competition than cooperation. And yet, we are creatures that thrive and crave to be inter-dependent with others, to remember our sense of belonging. This deep seeded need to belong can drive us to search for community and sometimes end up with false belonging, where we feel we need to censor ourselve to fit in. Fitting in, is NOT the same as belonging.

Discipline & Devotion

With the majority of us addicted to our digital devices, with access to communication, information and requests met with a couple of clicks, we have forgotten the importance of cultivating relationships with ourself, with others and the Earth through devotion, practice and discipline. We live in a time where we have all these clever ways to do things quickly to save time, and yet, we have less time now than we ever had.

Traditional Skills and Crafts We have forgotten about the arts, the ancient wisdom that our ancestors passed through generations for thousands of years. We no longer hear their stories, we watch Game of Thrones instead. These skills and crafts are more than just items made, they hold the language, culture and wisdom of those who sat for hours, days, years on end devoting themselves to the creation of a basket, a handwoven robe, or the ability to listen to the songs of the trees.

Bushcraft and Ancestral skills takes us to a place where we can re-learn what already pulses through our blood from our ancestors so we can live a life that dances with the natural cycles of the Earth and stop fighting it based on this idea we have developed that we are separate from this planet.

Our Call of the Wild programme introduces us to these incredible and fun skills that will transform the way you spend time in Nature!


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