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C A M P I N G  E Q U I P M E N T

Below I share what it is that I pack when I go on solo, or group camping trips. My main priority in selecting gear is that it will last (durable) and that it is light to carry. Sometimes it helps to visualise what it is you need to pack for the trip!


What I share is based on my personal experience of using these items over a period of many years, and I have no association with the product brands or stores. 

Where you can find camping equipment in HK:

RC Outfitters



E A T I N G 

Metal Bowl - Super light, very strong & durable, can be used for soups as well as a dish

Cutlery - A simple set of utensils made of coconut, makes it very light and packaged together in a small bag so you don't lose anything

Headtorch - I'm a fan of these over a hand torch, as it makes things difficult to eat while you're holding a torch in one hand!



(Clockwise from top left)

Sleeping Bag - This is a down sleeping bag, you can also get synthetic ones. Different sleeping bags will show what temperatures it is recommended for. In Hong Kong, it will never get below zero so sleeping bags from 12 - 23degrees would be suitable.
If you tend to feel cold, consider getting one that will accomodate that.

Sleeping mat - This inflatable roll mat packs up very nicely. Essentially its a comfortable lilo. There are certainly more comfortable sleeping mats our there, but this rolls up nice and small and is super light.

Sleeping Liner  - This is always good to have to keep your sleeping bag clean (you slip into this, and then tuck into your sleeping bag. The one pictured is suitable for summer as its very light. You can get thermal ones that will be more appropriate for winter, and can add a much appreciated layer of warmth to your sleeping bag.

Pillow - Another luxury, a tiny inflatable pillow for added comfort. If you don't have something like this, bringing a pillowcase, and stuffing it with spare clothes will do the trick!


C A M P I N G 

Tent  - I invested in getting a really good tent that would be suitable for very different locations, and would hopefully last me at least 10 years.

You will find a huge range of tents from super simple shelters to ones you can take up to alpine conditions. They will vary greatly in price also.

If you're not too fussed, you could find a tent for HK200 that would be fine to use in perfect conditions. If there is rain at all, I would not trust these guys!

You want to pay attention to the waterproof 'mm' rating on the tent, or the fly sheet. The one pictures has a 3000 rating, where I have camped in a red rainstorm, woke up with 2 inches of water on the ground but I was completely dry.

As opposed to HK$200 tents that was 450mm, where I have camped in light mist and got wet inside.

(Tent brand is MSR)

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