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The programme is designed to bring together and build a community for young girls, creating a safe network and support system through the number of gatherings we hold. The Daughters of the Earth programme is designed as a series, intended that each participant joins for all sessions within that planned series.

Booking Agreements:

  • Daughters of the Earth is designed as a package, included within it are the experiences and journey that the girls will embark on together as a collective for the agreed session package.

  • We wish to be flexible for girls who have prior commitments or unexpected circumstances that mean they miss 1- 2 sessions. However, if more than 2 sessions are to be missed, we must take into account the suitability in joining, and also the impact on the other girls, as we wish to also build consistency.

  • Participants and their guardians agree to arrive on time. We have a 10 minute waiting period before we begin the programme. Due to the nature of the trails and our locations, we will not be able to coordinate with latecomers joining with us once we have left the meeting location. 



  • Kembali reserves the right to cancel or adjust any programmes due to unsafe weather conditions or other socio-political situations.

  • Participants shall be informed no later than 7am the morning of the programme if the programme has to be cancelled or postponed

  • To communicate cancellation messages, guardians will be contacted via phone or text message.

  • Cancellation of a programme due to weather conditions will warrant voucher to attend any remaining workshops of an equal value, or participants will be offered a full refund for sessions missed.



  • Participants shall provide their email and tel. contact details, as well as an emergency contact person in case of emergencies.

  • Kembali shall communicate with participants via email, providing confirmation details, including the pick up and drop off locations the week before the programme, and subsequent updates and reminders on weather.


Programme Changes

  • Kembali will honour the intended activities planned for the date, and reserves the right to adjust programme activities and locations if weather or environmental conditions change.


Safety & Wellbeing

  • Your guide is certified in wilderness first aid response and will carry a first aid kit to all workshops

  • It is the participants responsibility to inform the guide prior to the workshop if there are any relevant medical information and history that may impact their experience on the workshop.

  • Participants are also responsible for bringing any personal medication or personal hygiene products with them during the session.

  • Many of our site locations may not have immediate access to public toilets, it is recommended that the girls use the toilets before our scheduled meeting.




Conscious Agreements


The following are suggested agreements held by each participant, and your guide.

Care for Yourself

  • It is important that the girls pack their own bags, so they are aware of what they have available to them, as well as build responsibility for themselves and awareness of what they need. Bringing enough water, sunscreen, choosing what clothes to wear, snacks etc.

  • The guide will share the information needed to keep the girls safe while outdoors, especially when using tools. It will be the girls responsibility to listen and practice this under guidance to keep themselves, and others safe.


Care for Others

  • Arrive at the agreed location on time. To ensure that we honour the group, we will only be able to wait at the agreed location for 10 mins, after which we will not be able to coordinate late joiners to meet us at our final destination as this may compromise the workshop schedule, safety and wellbeing of the group.

  • Kembali is inclusive of all from our human family, from diversity of ethnicity, identified gender, sexual orientation, backgrounds, beliefs and values. We invite participants to approach these gatherings with a sense of curiosity and kindness to ourselves and each other.


Care for Nature

  • To ensure the girls have enough fuel to keep them going, we suggest they bring a preferred snack. We invite participants to adopt use of re-usable containers for food, and avoid single-use plastics.

  • Kembali shares these practices with a sense of honouring the land that we live on, so wherever possible, we a adopt an approach of ‘Leave a better trace’.


Contact information for inquiries


Jasmine Nunns

Mobile: 61109293

Have other questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours -

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