9 - 12 yrs                   April 2020                   Limited to 8 girls  

Adolescence can be a time of uncertainty and turbulence for young women. They are often launched into it with little consciousness, support and guidance. At the same time, we live in a society where girls and boys are constantly at the receiving end of unconscious gender bias and stereotyping.
The intention behind this immersion for young girls is to introduce the practice and art of ancestral and bushcraft skills, stereotypically associated with men, so they can feel empowered in applying these skills to all areas of their life, and not feel limited by how they perceive a young woman ‘should’ act.

“There are still differences in the way we socialize girls and boys. Our culture continues to define femininity in ways that put women at odds with their natural self, so that it’s difficult to adhere to the feminine ideal and use your body effectively in the natural world" - Dr. Britain Scott

Kembali’s wilderness Rites of Passage programme was designed to allow a safe space for young women to experience all of this, and feel ready to consciously step into the next phase of their lives with a greater sense of purpose and belonging. 

The immersion offers an introduction to a wide array of skills during the week, then invites the cohort of girls to spend 2D1N camping on a beautiful beach in Hong Kong to apply the skills they have learned on a practical level, as well as serving as an initiation that supports their transformation; Stepping into their unique brilliance, power and purpose.

Parents & guardians are invited to join our integration ceremony on the final day (Day 6).


It is essential that at least 1 guardian is present for this ceremony to witness them.


6th - 10th April

6th - 8th April - Day programme 9 - 2pm

9th - 10th April Overnight Camp

10th April - Integration Ceremony




Day 1

9 - 2pm Aberdeen Reservoir

Setting intentions, Introduction to Council practice, Introduction to mindfulness practice and sensory meditation in Nature, mini solo and dialogue with Nature, Making necklace from plants to carry their sacred item for the week. Song circle to initiate the start of the journey.



Day 2

9 - 2pm Parkview/Tai Tam

Overcoming obstacles, hiking up a peak. Mini solo and commune with the mountains. Nature-based games to heighten our senses and instinct. Introduction to whittling & knife skills plus safety, making tent pegs for our camping adventure. Singing songs for the mountain.



Day 3

9 - 2pm Wong Chuk Hang

Shelter building and knot tying. Skills of building a mini shelter. Storytelling of rites of passage. Creating our little cocoon/shelter of transformational space.
Primitive Fire making and tending. Discussions and overview of packing list, what to expect from camping. Celebrations of each other, gratitude sharing.



Day 4

Camping - Sai Kung

Start: 10am Sai Kung
Hike to camping site, carrying everything that we need. Setting up camp, setting camp agreements. Preparing for initiation ceremony. Wild camping cooking for dinner. Building a threshold. Evening: Fireside song circles. Night ritual and initiation. Solo time and return with stories.



Day 5

Camping - Sai Kung

End: 2pm Sai Kung
Fireside breakfast. Closing ceremony, stepping through the threshold and burning/burying of sacred item.
Packing up campsite. Gratitude to the land, goodbyes, and hike back out to Chek Keng Parents & Guardians attend the integration ceremony at Chek Keng


HKD$4680 per girl

Inclusive of

  • All materials used during the week, carving knives, fire-making tools, tea ceremony sets, plant fibres for rope making

  • One on one follow up session with each of the girls after the experience

  • Parent/guardian call with guidance on how to support your child’s integration and details of the integration ceremony

  • All food during the overnight camp

  • Tent rental

  • Insurance coverage

Not Included

  • Travel expenses to and from our meeting spots

  • Food or snacks during the weekday gatherings

  • Sleeping & camping gear for overnight (sleeping bag, sleeping mat)

Have questions?

Book in for a complimentary 20 min exploratory call with us to learn how this experience can serve your daughter and your family.


Jasmine Nunns

Jasmine Nunns is the founder of Kembali, and shares a strong passion for guiding nature based experiences that supports our reconnection to the Human and Earth community. 


Jasmine has had over 12 years experience running experiential programmes with schools, NGO’s and corporate groups.  She understands the importance of creating space for each individual’s needs to be met, and fully understands the challenge and conflict in expressing our authentic selves. 


Jasmine grew up in the HK countryside, spending hours outdoors learning in the form of play. At a young age, Jasmine’s parents divorced which resulted in her growing up in an environment witnessing emotional pain, conflict of values and had a strong sense of unworthiness. Coupled with a history of being repeatedly bullied in school, Jasmine recognized only as an adult that what she had lived with was trauma. 


Over the years, Jasmine has explored and trained in diverse practices to support awareness, healing and empowered alignment. They all guided her back to the wisdom and support of Nature. She now designs and facilitates therapeutic experiences in natural spaces with her work through Kembali. 


Jasmine embodies all the practices she shares with others, and feels that integrity, compassion and curiosity are her strongest values. She had taken herself to multiple training courses that enable her to share the wilderness and communication skills she has learned with others, as well as embody them herself. 


Jasmine is trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

  • Rites of Passage Facilitator

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader

  • Eco-Therapy Practice

  • Permaculture Design

  • Vision Quest Protector

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Bushcraft & Survival skills

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