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"The wilderness is an untamed, unpredictable place of solitude and searching. It is a place as dangerous as it is breathtaking, a place as sought after as it is feared. But it turns out to be the place of true belonging, and it’s the bravest and most sacred place you will ever stand.’"— Brene Brown



16 - 19yrs  *  4 days 3 nights  *  Limited to 8 women  *  Coming soon 

In every ancient culture, you will find rites of passage that marks the initiation of when a girl becomes a woman, or when a boy becomes a man. Our modern culture has often overlooked the importance of this initiation, in helping to prepare young people with the experiences, skills and resilience to step into their roles as adults with a strong sense of identity and an unwavering conscious community. 


What would the world look like if we marked and celebrated our young people's transition into the next phase of their lives, so that they embrace their strengths and walk with a soft confidence. Imagine the difference it would make if they embarked on this journey with mentors, sharing their wisdom, love and guidance every step of the way. Think of sharing this experience with peers who are all embarking on the same journey in letting go of something in order to step wholeheartedly into the new. 

Adolescence can be a time of uncertainty and turbulence for young women. They are often launched into it with little consciousness, support and guidance. 

Kembali’s wilderness Rites of Passage programme was designed to allow a safe space for young women to experience all of this, and feel ready to consciously step into the next phase of their lives with a greater sense of purpose and belonging. 

Nature is forever transforming, and the greatest teacher in the cycles of letting go and re-birth. Through the guidance and inspiration of wilderness and natural space, Kembali facilitates transformative programmes that invite these young women to embrace the gifts they bring into this world, ready them walk across the threshold that marks their readiness to step out of their cocoon and arm them with skills they can continue to access well into the future. 


We offer with heart-centered communication, wilderness hikes, song circles, myth and storytelling, waterfall swimming, the art and skill of weaving, primitive fire making, reflective art and plenty of time sitting together in community by a fire.


The programme will follow the fundamental phases of transformation, or rite of passage; Severance - Threshold - Integration 


Using the metaphor of a caterpillar's transformation, we must first be ready to let go of an identity we once had. Like the caterpillar, who recognizes the time to create its cocoon, it needs to be willing to let go of remaining a caterpillar. The next step can often feel the most uncertain and uncomfortable, as the caterpillar enters the cocoon. It is no longer a caterpillar, and yet it is still not a butterfly. This phase can be where many of feel trapped and uncertain of what is happening. The last phase of integration is not just about breaking through the cocoon and revealing the beautiful butterfly within, but to consciously understand the transformation that has occurred. Without which, the butterfly may still believe it is a caterpillar, and continue to behave in the same way. 

Day 1.



We meet at a central location where parents are invited to be a part of a ceremony marking the girls readiness for this next step. As a group we travel together to a beautiful and lush private property in the mountains of Lantau that will be our home for the next 4 days. We prepare a fire, and spend time getting to know each other, preparing for the journey ahead. 

Day 2.


We share simple yet profound Nature connection practices, we explore the grounds and the trails in the surrounding area, learning a series of wilderness and communication skills along the way. We cook over a campfire and have fire circle time in the evening telling stories and hanging out and reflective activities. 

Day 3.


Adventure day! We take a trip to secret waterfalls and rock pools in the nearby area where the group will challenge themselves to overcome a fear or threshold. In the evening, we will share empowering songs around a fire and the group will be invited to spend the night sleeping outdoors. 

Day 4.


We hold a closing ceremony marking the readiness for each young woman to step out of their cocoon, and into the beginning of their new journeys. This ceremony invites parents to attend, bearing witness for each young woman’s willingness to transform. We share vital information and practices on how to weave everything they have learned and experienced during this period into their lives. We say our goodbyes and each take our separate journeys home.

Skills Offered 

  • Compassionate Communication Skills 

  • Nature Connection Practices 

  • Making Primitive Fire 

  • Building a Shelter 

  • Expression through Creative Arts 

  • Campfire Cooking 

  • Community Building 

  • Designing Ceremony

  • Self-Compassion and Meditation practices 

  • Holding Space for Others 

  • Setting Boundaries 

Experiences Offered

  • Swimming in wild spaces 

  • Supportive community of peers and mentors 

  • Hiking through wilderness spaces 

  • Harmonious song circles around a fire 

  • Digital detoxing 

  • Stretching Comfort Zones 

  • Gratitude Practices 

  • Nutritious & Rustic Food 

  • Authentic Self Expression 

  • Risk-Taking 

  • Empowerment through Learning New Skills 

  • Breaking Through Mental Barriers 

  • Listening and Responding to Ones Needs 

  • Building Relationships with the Natural World 

  • Sense of Adventure 


We will be holding the Rites of Passage Retreat in a gorgeous secluded private property on the hills of Lantau Island, taking a beautiful 40 min gentle walk from the nearest bus stop. 


Each participant will have their own private room with their beds, with toilets, bath and shower to share. 


Our meals will be prepared on site, either in the kitchen or cooking over a campfire. Meals will be adjusted and prepared to address any food allergies in the group. 


Camping equipment will be provided on site for the option of sleeping outdoors. 


Jasmine Nunns

Jasmine Nunns is the founder of Kembali, and shares a strong passion for guiding nature based experiences that supports our reconnection to the Human and Earth community. 


Jasmine has had over 12 years experience running experiential programmes with schools, NGO’s and corporate groups.  She understands the importance of creating space for each individual’s needs to be met, and fully understands the challenge and conflict in expressing our authentic selves. 


Jasmine grew up in the HK countryside, spending hours outdoors learning in the form of play. At a young age, Jasmine’s parents divorced which resulted in her growing up in an environment witnessing emotional pain, conflict of values and had a strong sense of unworthiness. Coupled with a history of being repeatedly bullied in school, Jasmine recognized only as an adult that what she had lived with was trauma. 


Over the years, Jasmine has explored and trained in diverse practices to support awareness, healing and empowered alignment. They all guided her back to the wisdom and support of Nature. She now designs and facilitates therapeutic experiences in natural spaces with her work through Kembali. 


Jasmine embodies all the practices she shares with others, and feels that integrity, compassion and curiosity are her strongest values. She had taken herself to multiple training courses that enable her to share the wilderness and communication skills she has learned with others, as well as embody them herself. 


Jasmine is trained and certified in:

  • Masters in Counselling

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder

  • Nature & Forest Therapy Guide 

  • ICF Certified Transformational Coach

  • Level 3 Forest School Leader

  • Eco-Therapy Practice

  • Permaculture Design

  • Vision Quest Protector

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Bushcraft & Survival skills



Other guest mentors will also be invited to join the retreat to share their expertise,  knowledge and wisdom that will support young women on their journeys.

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more -

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