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A Nature-based mentoring programme for girls and young women


In Nature we can be ourselves. There is an opportunity to discover what motivates us, what holds us back and what guides us. Nature offers the perfect place for us to practice self-acceptance as well as to recognize where our 'edges' are so that the girls can discern for themselves where risks may lie, and have the opportunity to make informed decisions of what feels right for them, so they feel empowered to apply this conviction in other areas of their life.


We do this through Nature connection practices & games, walking, bouldering, hiking, bushcraft skills such as learning to build shelters, campfires, carving & whittling, tea ceremony and specific communication tools to invite inclusion, understanding, conflict resolution and self-awareness. 

The Daughters of the Earth programme offers an introduction to these skills, a gentle way to
of bringing awareness to self-limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning and offer opportunities to expand comfort zones and just experience safety within a group to show up in our true selves, held lovingly by Mother Nature herself.



Session 1

Community & Compassion

Learning to form conscious agreements, beginning to form bonds and connections with one another and ourselves through building compassion


Session 2


Practice the art of curiosity over judgement. How can curiosity inform the way we view the world and our selves.


Session 3

Courage & Creativity

Cultivating courage to try a new skill which stretches our comfort zone which requires presence, creativity and trust in others.


Session 4


Naming what is important to us and honouring the gifts we bring to this world and what we each stand for.

Rites of Passage

A bespoke programme for adventurous girls, full of Bushcraft, fire making, shelter building, waterfall treks, connecting with Nature, hikes and lots of games.

All topped off with a 2D1N camping experience and rite of passage to mark and acknowlege their growth.

 Are you feeling the call? Connect with us to find out more, or book a no-obligation exploratory meeting -

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